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Ideal Churches for Weddings

By Karl Aries Emerson F. Cabilao, FUAP

AS THE “marrying month” comes to a close, it’s fitting to turn our attention to couples “tying the knot” and the many things they need to consider to make sure their wedding day is one to remember.

Among the items that have to be decided upon carefully for weddings is the choice of church. In selecting a church, couples usually consider accessibility and the fees that might be required for holding the sacred ceremony there. However, many couples also consider the architecture of the church building itself. A majestic façade for those outdoor photos and a good-looking altar for a nice view of the couple while being united in holy matrimony help create a memorable affair. Here in Cebu alone, there are a lot of churches that have designs that are wedding-worthy, from the beautiful old Spanish churches to the more modern-looking ones that never fail to attract worshipers and visitors alike.

Today, architects give readers a piece of their mind as they share the churches here in Cebu that would be most ideal for wedding ceremonies in terms of their building design.

Archbishop’s Palace

“My wife and I just wanted a simple wedding. The Archbishop’s Palace was ideal for us because we only wanted a small and cozy place where we could exchange vows intimately. We didn’t invite a lot of people so the church size was just right. With its colonial Spanish design, it was perfect for taking a lot of good photos after wedding.” — Lemuel Alcoba, Architect

Sacred Heart Parish Church

“If I had gotten married in Cebu, I would’ve chosen Sacred Heart Parish Church at D. Jackosalem Street because of its picturesque arch-shaped exterior. Accented by geometric stained glass windows, this church has sophisticated interiors, elegant Japanese-inspired landscaping, ample parking and an accessible location. The church has good acoustics, provides their own sound system and it’s air-conditioned, too. To top it all off, it has a long aisle where the bride can slowly walk towards the altar — definitely the dramatic entrance any bride could hope for.” — Arianne Marie Montecillo-Malack, Architect

“Almost two years of planning for my wedding, the choice of our church remained constant. Setting aside our personal reasons, my husband and I chose Sacred Heart Parish because of its strategic location in the city and its classic contemporary design. What makes this church building stand out from the rest are its catenary-arched ceiling exudes an air of tranquility, the natural light which is captured by the strategically designed fenestrations, and finally, the unique altar design that serves as a beautiful focal point complementing the simplicity of its interiors. And for those reasons, Sacred Heart Parish is our church of choice because it reflects our design personality as a couple: Simple yet elegant.” — Samantha Paz Marie Therese Espiritu-Amarga, Architect

San Pedro Calungsod Chapel

“I really like San Pedro Calungsod church. Its modern and unique architecture makes it an amazing place for special events like weddings, compared to those heavily articulated interior of more traditional churches. Its design is light, airy, romantic, and “green”. Indeed, a perfect venue for wedding events.” — Michael Luigi Manzano, Architect (ArchiGlobal, Inc.)

San Pedro Calungsod Chapel

“I think to solemnly appreciate the wedding ceremony is to keep your guest comfortable. Guests dolled and dressed up can be a little uneasy not just because of the strict attire policy but for all the excitement. The chapel of San Pedro Calungsod provides comfort because it is air-conditioned and has a good ambiance and acoustics. Not to mention the church exterior acting as a great background for post-nuptial photographs.” — Fleuritz Dyne Carcasona, Architect / faculty member (USC School of Architecture Fine Arts and Design)

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