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Like no other

Michael Karlo Lim

“DON’T buy me flowers.” That’s what she always says to me. Her eyes lit up in surprise at the unconventionally beautiful box of reds that greeted her when we entered our room. “I told you not to buy me flowers.”, straining to keep the corners of her mouth from turning up.

We honeymooned, yet again, like we have been forever now. What we have is like no other. Practically married and living lives both separate and crisscrossing at multiple points, we’re wont to escape from all the hustle and bustle. This time, it was again at an old favorite city hideaway, The Henry.

One of the many individually unique arrangements, what appeared to be a Baile Sensual-themed extra-large room had enough open floor space for it. My two left feet traced a fancy sequence leading her across the expanse to sink into the plush bed. If there is one thing we definitely have in common, it is the love for sleep and the terrible lack thereof.

Roused hours later by an inquiry for our dinner selection, we each asked for one of the two sets available. We wallowed in lethargy and languorously dressed up for dinner at a candlelit setup tucked into the corner of the garden around the pool.

She started with delicately spiced Rustic Carrot Soup while I had the heartier Prawn. I finished both our mixed greens on default as she’s never too keen on the leafies. Her Rack of Pork delighted with the flavorful bone-in meat and my Fillet Mignon done just right on medium well. We shared a warm Mango Crepe ala mode for dessert. A refreshing carafe of a “Mix Like No Other” complimented the all the tasty morsels down with our choice of a bottle of a lively Chilean white.

We had a good hour to allow our stomachs to settle before we submitted ourselves to further bliss in a couples massage session at The Spa at Cebu next door. Just as soon as our respective masseuses started to knead our backs did we both drift into deep sleep. We only remember peeling ourselves off the massage tables after that session to slowly shuffle back to our room whispering nothings into each other’s ears.

The dream sequence continued as fueled by the last few sips of the wine. My two left feet even more so drunkenly traced a fancier sequence leading her across the expanse to sink into the plush bed. Oh, yes, one thing we definitely have in common is the love for sleep, and it looked like we were very determined to make up for the terrible lack thereof.

Making the most of the getaway, we opted out of the next day’s breakfast buffet for room service. It might as well have been the entire buffet table with a complete assortment of items. We finished our coffees at the third floor reading room to make up for photo ops lost to our self-isolation.

We had to pack the trolley she assembled a week’s worth in for this overnighter in a rush to noon checkout. A night here is one too short of a stay. “Next time, don’t buy me flowers,” she said. Then I took my turn to strain from keeping the corners of my mouth from turning up.

Romance never came easier than with the Romantic Package at The Henry.

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