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Drive your passion

Albert Pedrosa
Photo mania

RECENTLY, I handled a fashion photography workshop at the Philippine Center for Creative Imaging in Makati. I had apprehensions in speaking Tagalog as I might slip into speaking visayan. It turned out to be more difficult because I have to speak English all the way, having students from Japan and Oman who came to the Philippines just to attend the workshop.

I’m always intrigued about each and every student’s story on how they end up taking the workshop. This is the next level workshop after taking the basics. I always wondered how they decided to take fashion photography over the other courses. It was fun being with other passionate persons loving the same genre.

I told them that in this industry, you will be broken both physically and mentally. With all the gears that you have to handle and all the rejection you’ll get from your work, only the tough and persistent will survive. Even if you’ll anchor on the idea that you love this type of work, at some point, you will reach that threshold.

What I assured them is that the feeling of satisfaction is worth all the trouble. Whether you decide to make it as a living or just as a hobby, such that you don’t care so much about the equipment cost. The opportunity to work with another person who is as passionate as you is just awesome.

Like in any other genre of photography, fashion has the same demand to understand the technicalities of photography and the art side of it. And yes, practice is the only way to improve your skills. However, in fashion photography, it’s all about breaking all the rules. Always daring to get out of the norm.

In fashion photography, it’s not about capturing the moment, it’s about creating the moment. You start with your imagination and realize it with your photos. It may involve production and sets, but the idea is to project a scene that tells the story of the clothes you’re selling or emotions you want to share.

In this genre, it involves working with a team. It means that managerial skills may also be required when directing a team to achieve the same objectives during a shoot. It’s making sure that all the outfit, props, location and equipment are in check before the shoot day. It’s never an easy task while you handle the client and the model all happening at the same time.

In whatever genre you decide to take on in photography, you need to keep those inspirations coming in. They are your fuel to drive your passion. You need to always challenge yourself by pushing the limits of your skill. Keep on shooting, everyone!

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