Art on the streets - Weekend

Art on the streets

By Deneb R. Batucan


THE streets are closed as throngs of people gather at the heart of the city to shout a familiar phrase in honor of the Blessed Sto. Nino. The Sinulog Festival is here again and Cebu becomes one big party as everyone flocks to the city to enjoy the various festivities the city has to offer.

Ever present in during the festival are various Sinulog-themed shirts that help merry-makers get into the festival spirit. These shirt designs are an artwork themselves made and produced locally and makes the streets come alive with their colorful designs.

SunStar Weekend rounded up some four shirt designs that would surely rule the streets today. Pit Senyor!

Filthy Project


This local clothing brand has been producing quality Sinulog shirts for six years now and this year’s design is a way for the brand to look back at where it all started. “‘Vibe with the Tribe’ takes us back to our roots, grounds us and connects with each other,” Isabel Cui, one of the brand’s founder, said. The design is by artist Lee Cacas and is inspired from deconstructed line, hand-drawn typography and a combination of colors conventionally associated with the festival. “Filthy Project continues to retain a detailed and consistent style not just to create a statement but to help you become a statement,” Cui said.

Mike Yapching’s Art Deco



If you want to stand out with a one-of-a-kind statement shirt, this one’s for you. The gold art deco design is classy yet festive. When deciding on the design of their Sinulog shirt, the group took into consideration how Cebu is different from other cities in the Philippines and what Cebu has to offer. “We realized that Cebu has a big pool of talented people, locally and internationally. It’s like a gold mine of creatives. Also, we wanted to do a design where it screams modernity but silently whispers opulence. Hence, art deco and gold,” designer Mike Yapching said.

Epic Festival Solutions


This shirt screams festive through its design and colors. You can also buy the shirt along with a Sinulog kit that comes with essentials like paints, a feathered crown and whistle. It also comes with a Festival Guide that has exclusive epic deals from Epic Festival Solution’s partner establishments and events. It’s the total Sinulog entertainment guide and you get to enjoy it by looking great with such a festive Sinulog shirt.

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