A Piece For Your Nest - Weekend

A Piece For Your Nest

By Patricia May P. Catan


THERE’S no denying that Filipino hands can do wonders and that we are distinctly creative in our own way. Not only with the materials used but also from conception to completion of any piece. Providing a place for these Filipino artisans to showcase their craft is NEST Home and Fabrique Shop that recently opened to the public last December 6.

Patrice Uytengsu, Selina Romualdez, Vanessa Gaston, and Philip Rodriguez

As the year comes to a close, let’s embrace a new beginning and start supporting our local craftspeople. It’s in fact a great way to welcome the new year because aside from taking pride of what’s truly our own, items at NEST will positively change any home with its well-curated selection of fashion and home pieces.

If you’re one who would want to bring something fresh and bright into their homes for the year to come then NEST will provide just that for you. Spearheaded by Cebuano fashion designer Philip Rodriguez, NEST is full of one-of-a-kind items perfect for your home and fashion needs as it is a special collaboration of innovative, artist-entrepreneurs where fashion meets home ware.

An uncovential couch displayed at Nest perfect for the home goes well with handpainted pillow cases

Home accents include hand-painted bed and bath accessories, unique door stoppers and even specially-made trays and place mats for your kitchen. Some furniture pieces featured at the shop are made by recycled denim and transformed into the ideal accent piece as well as re-purposed materials for home wares.

Also displayed at the shop are novelty fabrics, sea glass made into chic accessories, handmade shoes and bags by the Bagobo Tribe, painted bottles done by artists from Negros, and various artworks from reputable local artists.

Nest sells uniquely painted bottles done by artists from Negros as well as home accent pieces and bags

More than just the newest lifestyle concept store in Cebu, Nest also supports the livelihood program of women in the northern part of the island. The shop may showcase everything Filipino, but Cebuano crafts are very much highlighted. This way, it helps preserve our heritage and give light to the indigenous people which will substantially sustain Filipino artisan crafts.

Nest will feature new developments and personalities and will constantly change the shop’s theme depending on the season as long as it’s something that’s contemporary and Filipino. NEST caters to the discerning crowd who wishes to shop for something unconventional, making it the ideal shopping destination either for those who are starting to build their homes in the new year or those who just wants a revamped look.

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