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Wedding blues

By Michael Karlo Lim

“We all suffer a myriad of indignities and that we do then what’s important is that we do so in style.”


KNIT turtleneck sweaters, jackets in stiff, high-weave fabrics and layering in general are not exactly daywear combinations in the tropics.

Knowing event locations and conditions well ahead — like time of day, relative shade, ventilation and/or level of air-conditioning — help in projecting allowances.

“If all else fails, wear black” holds true as the classic failsafe. Pops of bold, solid color define the outfit and brings out personality. It also always helps to carry everything with a lot of panache.

The sockless look extends with the return of the Lloydie in cropped pants of looser silhouettes, single or double-pleated fronts and slightly dropped crotches. Footsocks may be worn to prevent chafing and to aid those with hyperactive sweat glands. Choose the lowest cut footsocks available and in dark colors to maintain “invisibility.” Peepers are Toms and white sport socks are a crime.

Styling & Photos by Vanessa East
Jacket by Hanz Coquilla
Knit Turtleneck from H&M
Cropped Pants from Bershka
Patent Leather Slip-ons from Zara

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