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Making eagles

(Baguio, House B2012)
To Luis Alonzo I.

Illustration by Geraldine Sypiecco
Illustration by Geraldine Sypiecco

Do you remember, little one
The eagles we created
With our empty hands
Thumbs interlocking
In an embrace
Fingers in the act of receiving a blessing
Graceful wings spread out
Ready to seize the day?
Fly high, dream, make
Them come true
Keeping in mind mom and dad
And the Great Father too.
Do you remember, little one
The two-legged man
We created with our
Syrup stained fingers?
Wiggle, waggle
We made him to walk all day.
Go, walk your life
In the right path daily
Whether by the golden sun by day
Or the platinum moom by night.
Always look up
To the heavens lighted
By the tiny eyes of evening.
They are watching over you, little one
They are the million eyes of God
He never misses anyone
And certainly not you.

— Leticia U. Suarez

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