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Celebrating ‘Filipino’ month in style

By Meg Rivera


AUGUST brings with it the yearly Buwan ng Wika. This month, we celebrate the institution that is the Filipino language. We may be a scattered bunch, what with over a hundred different languages and dialects spoken throughout the country. But if you ask us, no matter where you are, we will be quite proud to say, “Ako ay isang Filipino.”

I’ve always remembered the Buwan ng Wika festivities as something fun. My schoolmates and I would be beside ourselves preparing for their talumpati as well as fussing over what food to bring for the classroom salu-salo. It was also the yearly scavenger hunt for my traditional Filipino wear. It always got stuffed in the back of the closet as soon as I got home from the previous years’ activities.

Celebrate the National Language month this year in techie style. We’ve got three apps that showcase the best of what our dynamic language has to offer. From the poetic thoughts of Mabini to the @titasofmanila Twitter page, we are a proud nation with the language to match. Mabuhay!

Pinoy-Quotes-iconAApp name: Pinoy Quotes Ultimate

App developer: WetPoint

Available on: Google Play

Easy to use: I think this app reflects who we are as a people quite well. The first thing you notice is the bright splash of color that greets you when you open it up. From there on, all of the different categories of quotes are visible on the home screen.

Overall comment: You’ve got quite a selection here. From love apps, to friendship, and even humor. This is perfect if you need to find something witty to match your Buwan ng Wika selfie on Facebook or Instagram. Three clicks out of five.

Pinoy-Hugot-Lines-iconApp name: Pinoy Hugot Lines

App developer: NinjApp

Available on: iTunes, Google Play

Easy to use: Pinoy Hugot Lines has got a following on Facebook that covers the whole country. This app contains a collection of the best hugot lines from the page, and the ability for you to repost them across the rest of your social media.

Overall comment: I know a few people who follow this page religiously. I understand why now, some of these posts are crack up! They are by no means Cracked or Buzzfeed-esque, but since when have we needed a reason to gratuitously post stuff like this online? Three clicks out of five.

Miriam-Santiago-iconApp name: Miriam Santiago Lines

App developer: NinjaApp

Available on iTunes, Google Play

Easy to use: We can’t have a conversation about modern-day Filipino without thinking of the various Miriam-isms we’ve encountered over the years.

They’ve managed to worm their way into daily use, and that’s how this generation has managed to remember her. So why not carry the best of Mrs Santiago around with you?

Overall comment: When I saw this, what came to mind was the reaction .gif posts common on sites like 9gag. These could be used to comment on things you see online, especially since a lot of the more memorable quotes were made in response to other things. This is simply for kicks and giggles of course, but much more interesting than the usual emoji icon as a reply. Three clicks out of five.

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