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Black buns, anyone?

By Deneb R. Batucan

DISTINCT, flavorful and exciting, Meat Joe Black is anything but an ordinary burger. Sweet Little Things Cafe offers this different kind of burger that’s a must-have for any adventurous foodie or burger enthusiast.

MEAT JOE BLACK. Classic burger with a fun twist. (Jonolyn Minoza Luab)
MEAT JOE BLACK. Classic burger with a fun twist. (Jonolyn Minoza Luab)

Meat Joe Black is a classic burger with a fun twist. At the core is a delicious and juicy Angus beef patty topped with SLT’s signature sauce, lettuce and two lovely slices of cheese. Holding it all together are two black buns freshly baked inside SLT’s kitchen. Yes, you read it right: black buns. Only at SLT can you find chocolate wheat buns that make one’s burger experience even more appetizing. It’s a burger like no other.

“It’s a distinct and acquired taste but still classic and simple,” said PJ and Sandra Lee, proprietors of SLT Cafe.

Even if the buns are infused with chocolate flavor, they are not sweet. They actually lift up the flavors of the beef and toppings, making a one-of-a-kind taste that’s enjoyable in each bite. As such, Meat Joe Black creates a lasting impression in SLT’s new venture as a certified cafe with the expansion of their menu.

Sweet Little Things Cafe now offers classic comfort food that could satisfy one’s deepest cravings. Along with that, they have recently released a new addition to their dessert inventory: Chocoroons. These are a rich, sweet combination of flan, desiccated coconut and your choice of either white, milk or dark chocolate.

“Big things come in small packages” is an adage that certainly fits the bill as SLT pushes their food dream further with Sweet Little Things Cafe. They are now open and ready to serve at their newest branch at Food Kasambagan, Mabolo, Cebu City.

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