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Verses for soul-searching

By Meg Rivera


SUMMER in the Philippines can mean one of two things: no classes, and Lent. Being a Catholic country, I’m sure you can guess which takes precedence over the other.

The Lenten season is meant to be one of prayer, reflection and peace. The forty days of the season are dedicated to contemplating and contrition and sacrifice. The priests all call for temperance and consideration and abandoning excess. Restaurants everywhere run a fish special on Fridays, god forbid you serve red meat on that day.

Yet, the thing to do during this time is to Instagram photos of yourself at the beach, with lechon in your mouth because “#Bantayan!” (Or, if you’re like me, all you think of is the two days during Holy week where you can take off and not have to wake up early.)

This week, we bring back the solemnity of the season witDaily-Bible-iconh these Bible verse apps. Each of them allows you to go through the reading of the day and bookmark it for sharing on your social media. You can also use these apps as podcasts, perfect for squeezing in your busy day. Have a great Lenten season everyone!

App name: DailyBible

App developer: JoanSoft

Available on: Google Play, iTunes

Easy to use: This is an extended version of what the Bible does. It gives you all the daily readings for you to read, or it reads it out to you if you prefer. You can also highlight passages and share them with your friends on social media.

Overall comment: The feature I like best about this app is the background music. It really does help you create the right environment and feel for peaceful contemplation. You can also choose to read the same passage in different versions of the Bible if you felt like doing a comparison. Finally, the podcast feature means you get to hear different inspirational talks to get you through the day on your way to work. Four clicks out of five.

Bible-Verses-iconApp name: Bible Verses

App developer: Droid Experiment

Available on: Google Play, iTunes

Easy to use: This app doesn’t really give you the daily reading, but it does have an impressive database of inspirational passages for you. You can select your favourites, share them and even change the background to make the experience special for you. If you think someone needs a little recharge in the middle of the day, the ‘send’ button lets you drop it straight into their inbox.

Overall comment: I never thought I would say this, but I actually really like the search option on this app. We all know bits and pieces of Bible verse, just not the full ones. If you input a couple of key phrases, it helps you narrow the search down from the hundreds of verses available. Three clicks out of five.

Holy-Bible-Verses-iconApp name: Holy Bible Verses

App developer: srsdev

Available on: Google Play, iTunes

Easy to use: At the moment, this app only supports the King James Version and a Spanish version aimed at people who live in South America. Updates promise more versions and more translations into different languages.

Overall comment: This one is kitschy, but still hits the mark with its scrolling verse titlebar. It means looking through the Bible is easier, and it makes sure that you find what you’re searching for a lot faster.

Bookmark the best sayings, and have them read out loud to you with its text to speech function. You may need internet for this function, but if your device has a native version of that then you won’t need the Internet at all. Three clicks out of five.

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