What they say about the Best of Cebu - Weekend

What they say about the Best of Cebu

FROM dining to retail to service. Last July 18, Sun.Star Cebu hosted the first annual party honoring the winners recognized in Sun.Star’s Best of Cebu 2013 list. Held at the spacious Oakridge Pavilion, it was an evening that showcased the finest that each has to offer, through pop-up displays and complimentary samples – allowing guests the opportunity to fully experience what it truly means to be proudly Cebuano. Here are what some guests and participants have to say about the successful, pioneering event.


I learned that what we do and what we achieve is a benchmark of who we are as Cebuanos. Everywhere we go, and everything we do is a reflection of Cebu. The event proved that even if our island is comparatively small to others in the country, this doesn’t mean we have not much to offer. In fact, we have a lot to offer! The Best of Cebu is a celebration of our hard work, perseverance and our drive as Cebuanos.Niña Bianca Sayson, student

Through the event, Cebuanos are able to appreciate and take pride in local creations. In turn, this give us confidence to take our ideas national or internationally. (For the 2014 awarding) I suggest categories such as best value for money, best service, and most sustainable. — Vangie Ong Hayco, restaurateur

Commending those who excel would kindle others to go beyond what is expected. The event inspires all in their own trade to be outstanding. In the next one, I would love to have the event enjoyed by the entire public and to have more awardees.Doyzkie Buenaviaje, lifestyle blogger

I think my favorite booths are of Kalidades and Rico’s Lechon. Kalidades because they are able to showcase one of Cebu’s natural resources beautifully; their idea of arranging flowers as a peacock was wonderful. Then Rico’s – simply because it’s my favorite.Arnauld Airraveche, make-up artist

I personally think this is an eye-opener and great opportunity for businesses to further improve their craft and to showcase, not just what they have, but what they really are. With this celebration, people will no longer need to go online to check which service is better or ask for a second opinion. People will know.Rabsin de la Cruz, fashion writer

I enjoyed going around the booths and was thrilled to taste some of the best. I love Tablea and its red velvet. It’s so good and their booth was really pleasing to the eyes – their products are well organized. Of course, how can the best be without lechon? I fell for Rico’s Lechon, truly a Cebuano product to be proud of. Lastly, my favorite is Canvas’s booth. It got my taste buds rolling into ooohhs and ahhss with their unique crocodile jambalaya – my first time to try and probably won’t be the last.Rabby Nuevo, sales manager

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