Top Five Trails in Cebu - Weekend

Top Five Trails in Cebu

NOW that you know which bike to get and what clothes to wear, it’s time to take your bike out and start your adventure. You’ll be surprised to discover places you never thought existed in this city. There’s so much more to explore and so many trails to ride. Riding with a group also makes it easier especially if you’re with more experienced riders.

When it comes to practicing or developing your technical riding skill, there’s no best tip or advice, but to just keep on riding. You don’t get it all at once but it takes a lot of riding until you’re confident and able to own the trail.

Here are the five of the best trail routes in Cebu:



To avoid city pollution, go up the hills of Busay and bike all the way to Kan-Irag. The trail entrance is just across Ayala Heights and best for newbie riders. It has a few small jumps and a downhill track leading to the abandoned golf course. The trails are well manicured since most riders go to this place.

Difficulty level: Moderate

Vegetable Highway in Carcar


Cross-country riding at its finest. This highway is a favorite among riders who wants to practice climbs with its roller coaster route. The fresh air and scenic view makes it a worthwhile climb. To get there, take the Barili route from the Carcar rotunda and you can find the junction that leads to Vegetable Highway.

Difficulty level: Moderate to Difficult

Gaas to Casuy


Ultimately the all-mountain and the longest trail ride. You start in Gaas, Balamban and end in the picturesque Lake Casuy in Toledo City. It has everything from single tracks, rock garden to steep single tracks. This trail route is definitely for the adrenaline junkies cause you get to experience some cliff side mountain biking.

Difficulty level: Moderate to Difficult



Best known for its off-camber single tracks and fast descents. This is where you see a real life version of Windows XP, as close as blue and green can meet. You start at the chicken farm in Sibugay and end in Borbon. You also get to cross the river and this route really tests your technical handling skills.

Difficulty level: Difficult



This trail has fast descents and rock garden thanks to Mother Nature. The rock formation changes especially during the rainy season and that’s part of its beauty. There’s always a surprise and the more technical section of the route changes from the last time you’ve ridden.

Difficulty level: Difficult

Bike Safety tips:

Biking is not as difficult as you think. Here are some bike safety tips from seasoned riders:


“When biking on the road…always yield to the traffic….they’re bigger than you. In the trails, always look ahead not on your wheels, you will react better.” — Kirby Lim, bone doctor and trail riding enthusiast


“Well, the main advice we give to beginner trail riders is to ride by level of confidence — if you’re not that confident about a particular section of trail, it’s best to get down and walk it. A follow up advice to this would be to stay behind riders whose skill level is just a notch above your own — that way, you can watch and learn a few moves that are not so far off from your own skill level.” — Henry David Nava Dimaano, orthopedic spine and joint surgeon


“Allow yourself to progress. Start small to go big. Start slow to go fast!” — Adrian Walag, programmer and all- mountain biker

Ride and shoot

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