Presents for your furry buddies - Weekend

Presents for your furry buddies

YOUR pet wouldn’t mind whether if it gets a gift that’s wrapped or not. It wouldn’t mind either that Christmas Day has passed and it didn’t actually get a present.

Since it’s still the holiday season, it’s not too late to give your beloved pet a gift, and the Pet Food Institute’s (PFI), with its Well-fed, Well-nurtured campaign, gives a few gift ideas best suited for your furry companions.


Pampering through grooming

A simple grooming kit can help you maximize quality time with your pet during the holidays. “Bag up the shampoo, ear cleanser, nail clippers, and brush for a treat that is sure to make them feel the warmth of the season,” says PFI.

“Bathing and good grooming are essential routines to keep your pets in prime health,” PFI adds, pointing out that these reduce the chances of your pet acquiring infections and other illnesses. Of course, regular visits to the veterinarian or groomer remain essential.

Toys to enjoy

An interactive toy that makes for enjoyable exercise can keep your canine or feline companion fit even after the holidays.

“Various studies show that cats and dogs that frequently engage in health-boosting activities enjoy a long and happy life,” PFI says. “May it be an indoor or outdoor pet, it is important for pet owners to initiate an exercise session that helps stimulate their mind and body.”

Simple toys such as a rubber ball or or quick trips through a flight of stairs can make a difference in the pet’s fitness. Also key to pet wellness is an exercise routine that complements the pet’s diet.

Treat ‘em right

Healthy snacks or treats between meals will provide energy for your pets to keep up with the season’s festivities.

“Keep in mind that the right amount of nutrition is critical to long term pet health. It is important to monitor the number of treats in a day is significant as well to maintain the cat or dog’s ideal weight,” PFI says.

The institute reminds that while it is the season of giving, only appropriate treats must be provided to pets. “A veterinarian can provide a list of treats that should be avoided to sustain good health,” said the US-based PFI, which is forging partnerships with the Filipino community. (With PR)

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