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Racing scene needs more support

Jerome NeriAtty. Jerome G. Neri
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CONGRATULATIONS to the winners of the drag race held at the SRP last Nov. 30. Overall champion was Gimar Besanes, followed by Ferdinand Chua and in third spot was Wilson Ong. The top three all drove the all-conquering Nissan GTR supercar. In 4th place was Trunkx Adarna in his Subaru Impreza WRX STI.

In the bracket races, Ferdinand Chua came in first place in Class A, followed by Dino Tormis and Gimar Besanes. Class B honors went to Bong Ragot, Wilren Pena and Mark Nuneza. Class C went to Ronald Luage, Ulrich Perez and Vynce Navales.

The event was organized through the efforts of the Mandaue Jaycees and its president Fourth Vergara, with the support of Jaycees regional vice president Kennth Mark Migrino. The race was run by Neil Labrador of the Peak Summit Group.

This is the first drag race we have had in quite a number of years. To me this race was very significant because we actually had a safe venue where car enthusiasts can actually race. This is the cement road by the sea behind sugbo in SRP. It is rarely used and very well paved. The race was a short one, only 200 meters in length or an eighth of a mile, which is half the distance of a regular drag race. The advantage of having a short race is that it is a whole lot safer that the full 400 meters and the adrenaline rush is the same. Considering that the track is beside the sea, it was correct of the organizers to have a 200-meter race instead of the standard 400 meters.

ROAD BY THE SEA. A 200-meter drag race was held at the South Road Properties last month, the first in several years.
ROAD BY THE SEA. A 200-meter drag race was held at the South Road Properties last month, the first in several years.

LACK OF SUPPORT. Cebu has fallen way behind in the racing scene because of the lack of support from our local government. There was a time when the best drag racers were from Cebu, like Warren Go, who once held the record as the Philippines’ quickest all-motor drag racer, and David Lim, who once held the record of being the Philippines’ quickest drag racer.

Manila has a northern and southern series that holds four to five races a year, plus another four races in the hks 0-400 challenge. Davao has their own series too. They race at the city proper, in Mati and in Tagum. This year Misamis Oriental hosted two races in the Municipality of Opol.

I hope that after this race, Mayor Mike Rama will support the racing community and allow the racing community to organize and hold races in that particular unused road at the SRP. The racing community in Cebu are composed of many different car clubs, all of which are members of the Federation of Auto Clubs Cebu. This is a united group that does civic duties and are passionate about good and responsible motoring.

END OF AN ERA IN F1. This year marked the end of an era in Formula 1. There are new rules for the cars next year and the bigget change is the engine. For next year Formula 1 will be limited to V6 1600cc turbocharged engines with and Energy Recovery System (ERS) as opposed to the 2.4 naturally aspirated V8s.

This is F1’s way of lessening its carbon footprint. This new engine rule will make them quieter and also more fuel efficient. The fuel flow of the cars likewise will be policed by the FIA. Naturally aspirated engines generally have a smoother way of delivering its power, compared to turbocharged engines that, in theory, would make the cars more difficult to drive. Considering the new variables, Formula 1 next year will be very interesting.

FAREWELL. I join all the car enthusiasts worldwide in mourning the death of actor Paul Walker. He died in a car crash after going on a ride with his friend Roger Rodas on a Porsche Carrera GT. Walker and Rodas came from a charity event to help the victims of typhoon Yolanda. Rest in peace, Paul and Roger.

“If one day speed kills me, don’t cry because I was smiling.” — Paul Walker.

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