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Villa Aurora’s Hidden Gems

Patricia May P. Catan
SunStar Weekend Writer

SITUATED just seconds away from one of the busiest streets in Cebu City that is F. Cabahug is Villa Aurora – a quiet subdivision in the heart of Brgy. Kasambagan. Although this neighborhood has been on the map for a number of food-savvy Cebuanos, some locals are still unfamiliar with the place. What a lot of people don’t know is that the subdivision is surrounded by food establishments that are practically hidden gems. If you belong to the majority who are yet to discover the solid selection of cuisines at Villa Aurora, then this list might help you find your future food favorites. Here are the top food haunts in this area that you shouldn’t dare miss.

Tightrope Coffee
Location: Pres. M. Quezon St., Cebu City

Precision is the secret to anything and Tightrope Coffee prepares its liquid gold with such technique. The shop offers specialty grade coffee crafted in such a way that gives its customers a different kind of experience in every sip. That is no surprise since the coffee business sources its beans from the capital, Manila and all the way from Denmark. With its high-quality beans, Tightrope presents espresso-based and pourover coffee selections with seasonal ones that its new and loyal patrons are sure to enjoy.

Corner Bakery
Location: 44 Pres. Roxas St., Cebu City

Tucked in a corner along one of the streets in Villa Aurora is a little humble bakeshop where you’ll find comfort food at its best. But more than just this quaint bakeshop, Corner Bakery is a casual, counter-serve cafe that offers salads, pizzas, pastas, sandwiches and paninis on its menu. Although the bakery champions in its selection of delectable cakes and pastries, the other dish offerings are equally mouthwatering and appetizing – the kind of flavors you won’t expect to taste and eventually love in this modest bakery.

The Daily Grind
Location: 45 Pres. Roxas St., Cebu City

You’ll conveniently find The Daily Grind just opposite the Corner Bakery. This cafe is your top option if you’re around the area seeking for a chill ambience partnered with good food and refreshing drinks. Breakfast fans are in for a treat as The Daily Grind serves scrumptious all-day breakfast meals along with some of your favorite Filipino dishes. Aside from its budget-friendly meals, the cafe is also known for its affordable coffee selections that are the perfect company when you just want to unwind while surrounded by awesome people.

Abaseria Deli and Cafe
Location: 32 Pres. Quirino St., Cebu City

Abaseria Deli and Cafe is a Filipino restaurant that prides itself on delightful dishes along with the promise to provide cozy ambience and reasonable prices. It’s a definite must-try for locals and even tourists when in Cebu. Its house specialties like chili talong, taugi spring roll, fried humba, salted fish bacalao and crispy roast pork are among the best-selling dishes on its menu.

Ekits Food Haus
Location: Tandang Sora St., corner Magsaysay St., Cebu City

When the craving for hearty dishes kick in, it’s always a given that you want something that reminds you of home. The pochero for example is a dish that’s well-loved by many Filipinos and best enjoyed with the entire family. Popularly known for its pochero is Ekits Food Haus that serves this meal favorite in big portions. What’s special about the pochero at Ekits is that it’s cooked in a traditional dirty kitchen with the use of firewood for customers to fully taste and experience authentic Filipino cuisine.

Albur’s Restaurant
Location: Gen. Lim St., Mabolo, Cebu City

Albur’s Restaurant is probably on everyone’s radar by now. With its al fresco dining setup, it has become popular among the Cebuano youth where they can hang out and relax with their barkada over savory dishes and thirst-quenching drinks in the coziest ambience. Its menu features grilled meats, burgers and pizzas that everyone loves.

Esquina Pasta Bar
Location: 39 C Pres. Laurel St., Cebu City

Esquina Pasta Bar is the latest addition to the growing food establishments found within the subdivision and it clearly doesn’t disappoint. The food served at the restaurant are made of high-quality ingredients and prepared with much love and passion. If you’re a fan of chicken and pasta, you’re in luck because the restaurant serves a variety of chicken and pasta dishes. Its colossal chicken comes in five different flavors: original, barbecue, sour cream, soy glazed and spicy. The pasta bar’s shrimp scampi and marinara meatball pasta are also worth a try. Giving great value and showing consistency in delivering good food and service, Esquina Pasta Bar is a promising dining place that will soon be on everyone’s culinary map.

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