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Best Food Forward

Patricia May P. Catan
SunStar Weekend Writer

WHEN we speak of comfort food, we are instantly drawn to what’s familiar or something that hits close to home. I think we can all agree that nothing truly compares to “lutong Pinoy” mainly because of the heart and soul poured into every dish that’s cooked. Cebu for one is a lucky island. The abundance of hotels and restaurants that serve Filipino fare within the city is enough to satisfy our constant craving for anything Pinoy. And with the food innovations Cebu has seen over the years, some local dishes are now prepared even better. In this story, we round up hotels and restaurants in Cebu and their best Filipino dishes with unique presentations.


Labeled as the culinary pit stop of Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino, UNO showcases an enticing local and international spread that gives its guests a culinary experience like no other. The Filipino selection for example is a feast of flavorful and innovative dishes. One highlight in the buffet restaurant’s local spread offered during lunch is its pinangat na bangus sa pinya.

Ettas Eclectic Food + Drinks

If you’re looking for a modern and interesting twist on Pinoy dishes, Ettas Eclectic Food + Drinks is the restaurant of choice. The Filipino restaurant simply combines the familiar Filipino taste with a fresh and stimulating presentation. Ettas offers everything with a gimmick from appetizers, soup and salad, noodles, silog to entrees. Its tinanglad na manok with gata and asuete is an easy favorite. The dish is made of half chicken braised in coconut milk, asuete and lemon grass.

Pusô Bistro and Bar

Quest Hotel and Conference Center Cebu’s Pusô Bistro and Bar is an all-day dining buffet restaurant where the flavors of Cebu convene in one place. To guarantee a memorable and satisfying dining experience, the restaurant offers traditional Cebuano and Filipino specialties alongside an international selection, teppanyaki and hot-off-the-circular-grill seafood and meat. Among its many local dishes, Pusô takes pride in its sinaing na tulingan. Executive chef Danilo Gonzales reinterprets the traditional recipe with the fish wrapped in banana leaves and steamed in gata and kamias served with slices of pickled green mangoes and freshly made bagoong. The dish is available at Pusô Bistro and Bar’s Barrio Fiesta dinner buffet on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Golden Cowrie Filipino Kitchen

Golden Cowrie Filipino Kitchen explores both the classic and new flavors of Filipino cuisine as the restaurant celebrates culinary creativity. Its menu features the traditional yet refreshing flavors of Pinoy favorites that bring something new to the table. The reinterpretation of classic dishes like its Miki Negra with squid ink sauce, fresh Pomelo Salad with singkamas and calamansi dressing, Pinaupong Manok and Pocherong Katag are must-tries among its selection of great Filipino flavors.

Rico’s Lechon

Cebu’s best-tasting Rico’s Lechon is back with its biggest restaurant yet at Unit F1 Jamestown, Mantawi International Drive, Mandaue City. The restaurant continues to serve its famous lechon in original and spicy flavors while offering its lechon specials that include prichon, cripsy feetchon, sizzling lechon sisig, lechon paksiw, lechon dinuguan, lechon chicharon and lechon humba. One can never have too many lechon dishes especially when it’s from Rico’s.

Top of Cebu

There’s no better culinary experience than dining at a restaurant with a panoramic view of the city and coupled by a tasty selection of Filipino dishes. Top of Cebu proudly provides its customers the perfect scenery and delicious food that everyone dreams of. While there’s a lot of mouthwatering dishes available to try, a definite standout from its menu is the Pancit de Cebu. The dish is made of spicy canton noodles where it’s stir fried with a combination of seafood, vegetables and pork, then topped with crispy fried noodles, egg and chicharon.

Balay Sa Busay

Balay Sa Busay promises a taste of home in every bite and boasts a great ambience. The restaurant is where one can savor modern Filipino cuisine with one exceptional plate at a time. Exceptional because Balay Sa Busay presents its dishes in the most creative way. To highlight one of many superb platings, its Ang Paboritong Sisig ni Tatay is served on a shovel.    

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Boy Zugba

A Bisaya-inspired restaurant, Boy Zugba serves the best Bisaya grilled and home-cooked dishes with a modern twist which ultimately gives its dining guests a new gastronomic experience. This proudly Bisaya restaurant is a refreshing culinary venture with its fun and playful ideas that work. One of the dishes on its menu is the Humba ni Opaw that’s given a unique take with how this Filipino favorite is usually plated. The Boy Zugba version is served with steamed buns and a side of lettuce and peanuts.

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