NYC Bakit List - Weekend

NYC Bakit List

7 New Things to Try, Let Me Tell You Why

Text: Alexis Yap

February is always the height of winter in the East Coast and it didn’t help that this year was unusually colder in the City That Never Sleeps. If anything though, it only proved that you’ll never ever run out of interesting things to do at the Big Apple.
You and everyone who’s been to New York City has probably done the usual Magnolia, Phantom of the Opera, 99-cent pizza slices, Canoli type of New-York-for-Beginners type of itinerary. So, here is a fresh list of things you might want to do (and the reasons why, if you haven’t yet) the next time you’re at NYC:

1.Experience “Sleep No More”
Why? It’s truly one-of-a-kind and unforgettable! Only in New York, I say! Primarily based on Shakespeare’s Macbeth, this immersive theatrical experience will literally blow your mind with its style of presentation. At all of the McKittrick Hotel, prepare to walk into a cemetery, an old, creepy dispensary, a nude bloodbath scene, and quite literally, a grand ball complete with dancing, just to name a few.
Before going, reacquaint yourself with Macbeth. It will come in handy during the experience. Also, remember to wear comfortable shoes and clothing (as it may be a bit hot inside the building) and be prepared to walk and even run through many of the rooms, halls, and floors of the hotel as you follow any of the characters that may catch your interest. And, most importantly, remember: experience all of it as an individual, no talking, and no matter what, always keep your mask on.
Why? Because the best dim sum in the world lives there! Served in traditional push-carts, might I add! Okay so, I may sound like I’m exaggerating but I’m probably right and when you’ve tried you’ll probably agree.
Don’t forget to try: the (best) pork buns (in the world), the ha kao, the pork spear ribs, the ba chang, and, the pork and shrimp siao mai. Heck, try everything!

“Sleep No More” mask, entry ticket, and coat check stub

2. Watch The Book of Mormom! (Or any of the Broadway musicals you’ve always wanted to see…)
Why? You’re in New York City! The musicals wonderland! If you haven’t seen a single Broadway show, I suggest you watch Phantom of the Opera. I just think that everyone should start there. That’s just my opinion. Or Wicked! That’s an easy favorite.
As I make it a point to watch at least one Broadway Musical whenever I’m in New York, this time, I decided to finally see The Book Of Mormon. It is hilarious! Easily one of the funniest and very best I’ve seen. Watch it.

3. Sit down and eat at Katz’s Delicatessen. Don’t have it to go. Sit down and enjoy it properly!
Why? Because it deserves your full attention and you deserve a real good sandwich (with fries on the side). I’m glad I did. Even when we were all full from our lunch at the Golden Unicorn just half an hour before…
If you’re a pastrami guy like me, you might want to choose the corned beef instead. Thanks to my “fake” New Yorker foodie and tour guide Ayee (she calls herself that ‘coz she actually lives at the border, in Connecticut), I was swayed to make the better choice and I’m glad I did. Because it’s similar to the pastrami but with some layers of real good, tasty fat! Oh. My. God. I die.

A side of fries, say you At Katz’s Delicatessen

4. Line-up and try the Ukrainian Meatballs at Veselka
Why? ‘Coz Ukrainian meatballs are the best! They’re incredible! Swedish meatballs are more similar to the Pinoy meatballs — fried golden brown. Ukrainian ones, however, are steamed so they look different. Just take that first bite and prepare to be craving and wanting more.
And oh, did I mention their desserts? Take your pick from the irresistible variety they offer — from cheesecakes to chocolate cake, to traditional Ukrainian desserts you simply cannot refuse. You may feel the urge to order one of everything. Go for it! God knows we did! Smachnogo!

6. Walk (or Uber) to see the sights!
Why? So you can stop to smell the flowers, so to speak, and because we could always use the exercise. Until it gets too cold… then Uber! You’ll know ‘coz that’s when your un-gloved hands feel like they’re about to fall off. If you’re not more than two people, Uber Pool it. You’ll get to save almost half the usual fare.

7. Spend Time with good old friends.
Why? ‘Coz that’s a good reason to travel, at least that’s always how I do it. I just feel lucky to have friends who make the time out of their impossibly busy lives and how marvelous it is to always just pick up where we’ve left off no matter how long we’ve been apart! This is basically my bakit, my main motivation to travel and I am grateful for every opportunity to be able to do so.
You see, I personally believe it’s not always the destination…
Why? Because most of the time it is the journey that matters most. Don’t you?

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