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Hearts Day at home

By Cassandra C. Poculan
Illustration: Winston Cangsuco


SOME people simply cannot be bothered to brave the city’s traffic only to end up at an overbooked restaurant because they couldn’t get through its phone line to reserve a table — not even on Valentine’s Day. For those who still want to make date night happen sans the infuriating factors brought about by commercialism, there are a gazillion stay-in date ideas you can take your cue from. We give you five fun ones so that you and your significant other can have that one-on-one time without having to leave your place.

PJs and Movie Night

Pick a movie or two, order in your favorite movie grub and be in your most comfortable sleepwear. At least at home, you can set the thermostat to your liking, talk during the movie and munch on those snacks however loud you want without eliciting menacing looks from others. You can also throw in a game that you can play for the duration of the movie like drinking every time a character says “Hey!”

Backyard Picnic

Bust out those blankets, maybe set up a barbecue, dine under the stars and have a laugh out of your delusion of having a starry night when you know you live in the city. At any rate, the night breeze will weave its magic and you’ll find yourselves enchanted with each other as you talk about everything you have gone through together. Roast some s’mores for dessert!

Sip and Savor

Challenge each other to a cook-off or make a full-course dinner together. Sure it can be a chore, but cooking also helps you reconnect with your partner after a long week at work. You can even opt for a tasting party for two where you buy several different wines or beers, cheeses and cured meats, what have you. Discuss your favorites and let the conversation flow from there.

Blind Date Box

As opposed to regular blind dates wherein the person is the surprise, these blind date boxes set the mood for how your date will go. This requires you to prep days ahead as you need to buy the materials. Have your partner pick from a bowl of ideas (e.g. Skinny Dip, Game Night, Explosive) at least the night before and stuff your blind date box with items related to that theme. For a Skinny Dip date box for example, you can include fondue ingredients and a gift card to a hotel or spa where you can go for a dip or soak in a hot tub some other time.

At-Home Dance Party

There’s only two of you in the room so there’s no excuse to “sit this one out.” Relive your first dance, learn a new one together, get moving! Breaking a sweat also releases endorphins and is even more fun when done with a partner. Don’t stick to just one dance genre — last time we checked, there are at least 21! What’s more, you can wear whatever you want and not worry about embarrassing yourself if you step on your partner’s toes.

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