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By Alex Yap


TRIBUTE – something you do or give as an expression of gratitude.

Just a few weeks back, Bo’s Coffee has opened the first of what they call a Tribute Store. Their Capitol branch, now newly renovated and looking really good, is high ceilinged and decorated with native crafts and jarred coffee beans. The store also features young brands from all over the country, putting them on its shelves while staying faithful to their commitment in using the Bo’s brand as a platform for Filipino artisans to reach a global audience.

With Steve Benitez of Bo’s Coffee

To name a few, Bo’s Coffee carries Theo & Philo Chocolates, Bayani Brew, Tsaa Laya, Bote Central , Agrea Coco Sugar, Tablea and Hope In A Bottle. Even their uniforms now feature socially conscious Cebu brand Anthill Fabrics whose products are also co-branded with Obrano, a local brand that makes quality leather goods, also featured in-store alongside bamboo-clad stainless tumblers and other useful and very well-made merchandise.

In line with the brand’s mission to create positive social impact – hence their slogan “Your homegrown brew” – all their coffee beans are sourced from several parts of the country, mainly from the mountains of Sagada and Benguet, Mt. Katinglad, Mt. Apo, and Mt. Matutum. At the very least, this provides a sustainable income for the farmers that grow these beans.

Tribute Mural to the coffee bean farmers in the interiors of the Tribute Store
Collectible Bo’s Charm Keychains

The Bo’s Tribute Store comes at the perfect time of the year – during the season of giving.

Their attitude of gratitude is inspiring and is a good reminder for us to do our own self-reflection that would hopefully put to our attention the people who have caused positive change in our own lives and pay tribute to them. Everyone could use some positive juju.

People usually think Bo is probably the owner’s name or a family member’s name but it’s not. Bo is actually the name of a passionate coffee advocate Bo’s Coffee owner Steve Benitez met in the US, in one of the expos he attended there. Bo’s love and passion for coffee somehow rubbed off on him that it eventually gave birth to Bo’s Coffee Club (as it was called back then).

Purple Midnight – a tea blend of wild hibiscus and calming tea of blue tornate
Obrano + Anthill collab: Check Book Jacket and Wallet

It’s obvious that Steve’s attitude of gratitude is in his nature. He only opened the Tribute Store recently but looking at the brand’s name makes you realize that he’s given tribute right from the very start – to the man who inspired him into the coffee business.

Today, Bo’s Coffee has around 100 shops all over the country. So sit back and watch while you sip your homegrown brew ‘coz these guys seem like they’re just getting started.

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