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Responsible puppy gifting this holiday season

THE holiday season is a popular time to look for a new puppy, but it’s also a time of year when pet scams run rampant. To protect prospective dog owners, PuppySpot, a puppy placement service connecting dog lovers with screened and verified breeders in the United States, encourages careful research and diligence when finding a puppy in time for the holidays. PuppySpot has outlined the following reminders and best practices to ensure potential puppy owners make smart choices and healthy puppies go to happy, forever homes this holiday season.

Understand a Puppy is a Long-Term Commitment

A puppy should not be a surprise or impulse gift for someone who isn’t ready. A puppy is a living, breathing family member that requires a forever home and long-term care.

Choose a Trusted Puppy Source

It’s important to vet the place your puppy is coming from – whether it be a breeder, shelter, rescue or pet store.

Research the Right Breed for Your Lifestyle

Do you live in an apartment or have a lot of outdoor space? Do you have allergies or a health condition that requires a low-shedding breed? Do you lead an active or more sedentary lifestyle? All of these are important questions to ask yourself when it comes to choosing the right breed for you.

Make the Puppy’s Health First Priority

Before welcoming home a puppy for the holidays, make sure a licensed veterinarian examines the puppy and provides a comprehensive health report including any previous diagnoses, immunization and spay/neuter records and prescriptions if necessary. Also ask about a health guarantee and what may be covered.

Ask for Current Puppy Photos or Videos

Since geographical limitations often make it difficult to visit a puppy in person, ask your breeder or shelter/rescue for up-to-date photos and videos to see your puppy’s growth and development, but also to observe behavior, temperament and socialization with other puppies, adult dogs, and humans! (AP)

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