A Halloween look for less - Weekend

A Halloween look for less

Quick tips on how to save on your Halloween costume

By Christian Jay B. Quilo
Illustrations: Enrico P. Santisas


STILL looking for a Halloween ensemble? These days, it’s best to be practical and it seems like the complete opposite to spend on a costume you’ll get to wear only once a year, unless zombie bride is your daily look. But you don’t need to shell out a lot to get into the Halloween spirit! Here are 10 tips on how you can save on a Halloween costume:

Create a look based on items from your existing wardrobe. There are so many characters you can dress up as during Halloween that don’t require a painstaking amount of DIY-ing: Eleven from Stranger Things, Blair from Gossip Girl or Jughead from Riverdale — they have looks you can probably cop with pieces from your own closet.

Find a character with a distinct quality. Singer-songwriter Sia is a perfect example: all you need is a two-toned wig and people will know right off the bat who you are! You can wear anything with it and almost anybody can still tell that you’re Sia.

DIY (and ask a little help from your family or friends). Creating a costume from scratch can be cheaper than buying off the rack and most likely, it’ll look a hundred times better than the manufactured ones. However, it can be a challenge to do it by yourself especially if it’s an elaborate costume, so call for back-up, maybe a bestie who would be happy to lend a hand?

Buy a packaged set from a store and put your own twist to it. If you don’t want to start from scratch, you can pick out a basic costume from a department store and embellish it according to your liking — that’s at least half the work cut out for you!

Do a stunning Halloween-inspired make-up look. Whip out those brushes and eyeshadow palettes and get creative! Your make-up can be the focal point of your costume like say, a zombie or skeleton make-up look, and just wear everyday clothes with it so it’ll really stand out. There are tons of tutorial videos on YouTube you can watch and study.

Borrow a costume. You might have a friend who still has his or her costume from last year and isn’t planning on using it anymore. If he or she is having the same problem as you are, you can swap costumes—it’s a win-win for the both of you!

Buy costumes a year early. I know it sounds crazy to buy a Halloween costume a year in advance but for all it’s worth, you do save a lot. Costumes and other Halloween-related merchandise immediately go on sale a couple of weeks after Halloween, so if you want a good deal, buy them and store them for next year.

Think outside the box. When people think of costumes, they automatically think of people, but the best part of Halloween is that you can dress up as anyone and anything! You can be a life-sized loofa (all you need are several meters of tulle and wrap it around yourself) or a sunny side-up egg (simply cut out a piece of cardboard, draw and paint the actual egg and hang it over yourself with some yarn).

Wear your costume last year. That is, if you have no problems about repeating costumes. If you want to, you can always change it up and tweak it a bit — think of it as like an iPhone software update.

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