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Hooked on socmed

Can’t live with it, can’t live without it

By Cassandra C. Poculan
Photo: Associated Press


OVER the last decade, social media has revolutionized the way we deal with information and communication. What started out as a means to reach out to and keep in touch with loved ones more easily has now become a tool of great impact and influence to society. It has propelled businesses, shed light on causes, shaped politics, cultures, careers, among many others, across the globe. However, there are also pitfalls that we need to be privy to, whichever platform we choose. This is why creating content with careful thought is crucial. These readers give us their two cents on whether social media does more harm than good.

Joanne Abejo, 27
Lawyer and Notary Public
Baring Law Office

“A plethora of events would prove that social media is a double-edged sword and its impact varies from one person to another. As I had been a student for two decades and a half, I must say that the pros far outweigh any cons. Due to social media, learning and gathering notes and jurisprudence from classmates and friends come in really handy, and at present, it has become an important tool to manage my time for life, love and work. I wouldn’t be updated with news or events, and I wouldn’t have met significant people in my life if it weren’t for social apps. But I guess the crucial thing to note is that we must properly regulate its use, and not gravely abuse it.”

Shari Quimbo, 32
Chief Content Director

“I think the cons of social media, as in the case of many other amazing things in life, come when we start taking it a little too seriously. I mean, I get it. In 2018, social media can be serious business. I should know — I Facebook for a living (it’s not just that, of course, but for comedic effect). But there are so many people out there whose lives revolve around the likes they get on Instagram, who get caught up in the negativity of posts on Facebook, who revel in the arguments they get in the comments section. At that point, it really just starts sucking the life out of you. That said, I do think the good of social media balances out the bad, depending on the way each person uses it. For me, it’s all about having a healthy balance of both on- and off-line lives, and taking everything you see on Facebook with a grain of salt. There is more to the current events than a clickbait headline, and more to people than their Instagram handle.”

Monique Cabahug, 23
Client Service Associate
Banco de Oro

“As a millennial associated with the ‘technological revolution,’ it has only been fate to be consumed by the constant social media that surrounds our society. Social media has been beneficial to me since it is an easy way for me to communicate with my colleagues, family and relatives, not just here in the Philippines but also across the globe. As an employee of one of the prestigious banks in our country, social media provides greater opportunities for businesses and professional organizations to connect with their clients, advertise their products and expand their reach. Thus, this explains the success of e-commerce in our country. In totality, I can definitely say that the pros of social media outweigh its cons and it actually depends on how you use it.”

Leylan Romarate, 36

“I believe that the pros definitely outweigh the cons of social media. While it is undeniable that social media has its dark side, we also can’t deny the fact that social media is the driving force that moves our world today. Social media has made information more transparent, a lot easier to access, and more easily verifiable. And let us not forget the fact that because of social media, we have become more empowered, more creative, and more connected.”

Irish Indig, 22
Media Communication Student
St. Theresa’s College

“Yes, for me, pros outweigh the cons. The most immediate benefit of social media is the ability to communicate and connect with people all over the world. As one of the biggest partakers of the new media, understanding and putting appropriate expectations on the services is the key. Of course, there are negative sides to social mediaa. Just as fake news can be quickly shared, rumors and untruths spread like wildfire. Sure, there are problems and sometimes technology is abused, however, that doesn’t make social media bad or evil. It is always up to the user to decide what to do with the technology. Still, I think, most of the pros outweigh the cons.”

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