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Mother’s Day poll

Election bets take heed: moms vote for their children’s future

By Deneb Batucan

WITH the national elections just a day away, what’s to come in the next six years is in our hands. Every vote counts and it’s important that we give our vote to those who could represent our country and lead it to its betterment, especially to a leader who could stand ground and love this country as a mother loves her child.

Photo by N.S. Villaflor
Photo by N.S. Villaflor

And because it’s Mother’s Day, Sun.Star Weekend rounded up some young moms who dream of a president who could turn the Philippines into greener pasture for their little ones to flourish in. Here, these moms make a wish on what the next president must do for the country, especially for the country’s children.

What moms wish for from the country’s next president

Rei Niñal, Press Relations Manager

“I wish the next president would allocate more budget to education so all state colleges and universities will be equally competitive with private institutions. This is not just for my kids but also for all children so they can have access to quality education. And I also wish the next president will inspire my kids to become better leaders, with wisdom and compassion, when they grow up.”

Marini Tabon Esguerra, MD, DPPS, IBCLC

“Here’s the point of view of a mother, a pediatrician and a lactation consultant. I wish the new president will place emphasis on EDUCATION. It will open the minds of our children to the importance of self-care/health care: prohibited drugs are dangerous, Mother Earth needs to be protected, and babies need to have proper and adequate nutrition that starts with planned pregnancy, breastfeeding and proper complementary feeding.

Education will show our children why (and how) laws were made and should be followed. Experiences of other people can be vicariously learned by reading and skills develop through study. When they grow up with good education, they will become productive members of society and grow up to become good voters. They will make laws that are for the betterment of all. Trees will be planted, carbon emissions minimized. Start them right.”

April Seville-Dy, Senior Associate at SGV & Co. Makati

“Experiencing the adverse effects of climate change, I wish the next president will focus on environmental protection. The next generation deserves to see and enjoy the beauty of our natural wonders as they have the right to this earth as much as we do. Furthermore, seeing moral degradation as a reality these days, I wish the next president will set the best example and uphold the highest standard of moral values to inspire and encourage the youth. May he/she bring out the best in our people and in turn bring out the best in our nation. The Philippines is an amazing country. We need someone as outstanding in all levels to represent it.”

April Ordesta-Yap, Online Marketer

“To the next president, I wish nothing but the safety of my child and to all children in the Philippines. Let them have the freedom to play and enjoy their childhood for once. Give them the assurance that they will never have to fear anything. Promise them to have more jobs with good pay for their parents, so in return they can live comfortably. Allocate an awesome budget to fix the traffic system to demolish the habits of latecomers when attending important events of a child’s life. Have an eye and ear for the little ones. Give them the life they deserve.”

Memphis Belle Cobarde, Copy Editor

“I think the next president should endeavor to provide quality education and health care that’s free, as these are two of the main concerns of any parent and are basic rights that every child deserves.”

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