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‘Tiffany Blues’ (Atria): A novel by M.J. Rose

JENNY Bell tries to start anew as an artist in the big city in “Tiffany Blues” by M.J. Rose. She scrapes together enough money to take classes at a prestigious art college, where she meets another young woman named Minx who has money and decides to take Jenny under her wing. Soon Jenny sees how rich people live, and even receives a job offer to sketch courtroom trials for the local newspaper.

Jenny’s lifelong dream is to receive an invitation to Louis Comfort Tiffany’s artists’ colony, and when she does, she’s elated — and also surprised since she was too afraid to apply. It turns out that Minx took one of her drawings and submitted the application for her. Minx is also accepted into the program, and Jenny can’t help but feel elated at finally pursuing her passion. But her life prior to arriving in New York City could come back to haunt her and destroy everything and everyone she loves.

Rose has crafted a vivid novel that blends romance with art and history. The story of Jenny trying to pursue her passion and find love would make this novel worthy, but Rose also has the gift of immersing readers in a world of immaculate colors and historical figures in the art community. How Rose can bring to life a time from almost 100 years ago so intensely is truly amazing. (AP)

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