Field of dreams - Weekend

Field of dreams

By Patricia May P. Catan
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CEBU is without a doubt a promising sports hub in the Philippines with its vibrant sports tourism industry, and supporting such claim and using the city’s full potential to be the premier sports destination in the country is Dynamic Herb Sports Incorporated (DHSI). Businessman Ugur Tasci, Dynamic Herb’s Managing Director took advantage of this potential and envisioned a beautiful dream for Cebu.

Everything started with one vision and idea of Mr. Tasci who felt the need to give back to Cebu all the successes he has attained in business through a multi-sport complex where people are given the chance to embrace another lifestyle of wellness and sports. From an organic idea of developing a small football pitch which now became a FIFA standard pitch and an indoor arena for multi-sport activities to the adept design development of LP Kilayko Architecture, Dynamic Herb Sports Complex is slowly coming to life.

Phase I focuses on the astroturf and outdoor facilities, including the ongoing subsoil preparation for the artificial turf.

Dynamic Herb Sports Complex began construction of its first phase in mid-October last year, which focuses on the astroturf and outdoor facilities. “The subsoil preparation for the artificial turf is where we are today. Contractors are working on finishing half of the field installing the drainage pipes and laying out the gravel preparing for final compaction so the turf installation can start. And since the container vans are in place, the contractors will also start working on the interiors for the facilities,” Dynamic Herb’s Marketing and Communication Executive Astrid Erasga said.

Phase II of construction, which is the building of the indoor arena that would cater as a multi-sports court, is set to commence after the completion of Phase I in the 3rd and 4th quarter of this year. This multi-sport complex uses artificial grass that is not just the best in the world but is currently the leading brand in the market. Dynamic Herb also shared that they are excited about the Olympic quality flooring for the indoor arena and the minimal yet sufficient jogging path for leisure joggers.

“These three things, of course for us, are the highlights of our complex apart from the secure shower and locker room provisions that the complex will also offer. We are confident to bring the best that we can offer to all of our facilities for everyone to enjoy,” added Erasga on the features that Cebuanos must look forward to of the multi-sport complex.

Aside from building a venue for athletes to unite and gather, one of the biggest goals of DHSI is to develop grassroots training programs for football. “We start with football because this is the heart of DHSI but we most definitely want to create grassroots programs for every sport that we can cater to here in our sports complex. The key is to find the right sports commissioners who have passion to nurture young athletes and shape them to becoming bright and responsible citizens of the next generations.”

Dynamic Herb further stated that they are poised to open more doors of opportunities especially to young athletes with their grassroots programs that will focus on recognizing raw talents and develop these into real athletic skills with form and technique along with creating more coaching and certification seminars to also better the level of training for both coaches and players.

The South Road Properties is more than just a strategic location with it’s neighboring properties that look just as promising with what big national developers are already planning and the local government projects that are set to start in the area. “With all the hard work DHSI team is putting up, we hope to grow more the currently expanding sports tourism industry of Cebu City.”

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