Traveling with timing

Find out when’s the best time to visit the region’s visa-free destinations

By Christian Jay B. Quilo
Photos: N.S. Villaflor


CHOOSING a destination is one big decision to make; deciding when is equally important as it can decide whether you’ll have the relaxing vacay you planned or be stranded in your hotel right in the middle of a monsoon. Considering the fact that a lot of visa-free destinations in Asia have a tropical climate, this case is very common. Read on and know when are the best times to visit these visa-free destinations in Asia:


Beat the Singapore heat with an ice cream wafer sandwich at the Marina Bay

The middle of the year is the driest season in the Little Red Dot but it’s also a happening time to visit. In June is the Great Singapore Sale (GSS) and in July is the Singapore Food Festival. Prepare to shop ‘til you drop and eat to your stomach’s content!

Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s double-decker buses

Between October to December is when Hong Kong’s weather is at its best: sunny yet cool, and less rainfall—perfect for sightseeing around the island! You can enjoy outdoor activities, from nature hikes to a day at Disneyland without sweating buckets.


View of Kuala Lumpur skyline

July is the driest season. Kuala Lumpur is hot all year round with rainfall scattered throughout the year, so if you want to escape the heat (and have time to spare), Cameron Highlands is only a bus ride away.


Thai noodles in a Bangkok suburb

If you’re after a holiday involving fine sand beaches under sunny skies, then December to March is the best time to visit. Although, like most tropical countries, random showers are not unlikely.


Laos is known for its thriving eco-tourism and nature activities, which means it is best to visit between November to January. This time of the year is pleasant as mornings are perfectly warm and evenings are cool. The countryside is also verdant this time of the year, coming from the rainy season of the previous months.


May through October is the dry season, which means less chances of the pesky rain dampening your mood and stopping you from exploring this country of vibrant culture and lush nature.

Brunei Darussalam

Spring between January and May is dry but not humid. If you visit this time of the year, you’ll dodge the intense summer heat and also the hordes of tourists during peak season.


Angkor Thom River in Siem Reap, Cambodia

The cool season, which is from November to February, is a favorite time for tourists as the weather is mild enough to explore and see the temples comfortably.


Cherry Blossom Cuts and a haircut in Hanoi, Vietnam

Spring (February to April) and autumn (August to October) are the best seasons to go to Vietnam as temperatures are more balanced and rainfall is minimal. If you plan on escaping the heat, areas up north have cooler climes during the spring.


Beautiful Bagan in Myanmar

The best time to visit is between November to February, when it’s not raining like crazy nor is it unbearably too hot and dry. Winter season can be crowded with tourists but at least the weather is pleasant and you can see the great natural and man-made wonders this country has to offer.

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