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So convenient, to be honest

By Patricia May P. Catan


LIFE sometimes gets in the way of things that even simple tasks like running to the grocery store or even going out for a meal is impossible to do. Then imagine having to drive yourself to the grocery store given the massive traffic in Cebu, wasting fuel and time instead of doing something productive. Crazy right? Hearing out the busy bees in Cebu, an exciting app designed for convenience saves the day.

Asia’s leading online grocery concierge service, Honestbee, finally found its way to Cebu, bringing with it the convenience and ease busy bees like us seek right in front of our doorstep.

The Honestbee mascot

Honestbee began operations in Singapore in July 2015, then expanded to major cities in Asia such as Hong Kong, Taipei, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Bangkok, Tokyo, and Manila. Now buzzing in Cebu since January, Honestbee has been a game-changer when it comes to doing our groceries and food deliveries, having partnered with over 50 merchants.

With Honestbee, you can now do your groceries at your fingertips almost anytime and anywhere. The same goes for food deliveries for your ready-to-eat meals. Surely, Honestbee is the next big app, and here’s why:

Deliveries right at your doorstep

Can’t leave the house? Overtime at work? Or just simply stuck in Cebu’s rush hour? There’s no more reason you can’t do grocery shopping because Honestbee delivers.

Just a few clicks away

Online grocery shopping has never been this convenient and easy. It’s just like going to the supermarket, but this time, you’re doing it online. The entire process is ultra efficient, considering the external factors you’ll be facing if you were to run to the store.

Freedom of choice online

In the app, you can choose from different grocery departments and even filter the choices when looking for something specific or better yet, go to the search bar and type what you’d want to buy. Once you’ve found the item, all you have to do is add it to your cart and when everything is set, you can now check out.

Time to choose, choose the time

An added plus when using Honestbee, you can conveniently select the day and time of delivery, which is a great feature for on-the-go individuals. Planning a dinner party at home? No problem. You can order groceries ahead at work and set delivery time to when you get home.

Handpicked by reliable concierge shoppers

And you don’t have to worry about your shopping cart because Honestbee’s knowledgeable and skilled concierge shoppers are going to handpick the freshest meat and produce for you.

Supplies partners aplenty

The service’s current grocery partners include Robinsons Supermarket and Robinsons Selections, Ministop, Seaworld, JN’s Best, Visayan Educational and Office Supplies, Echostore, Life Med, and even public markets in Carbon and Tabo-an. So yes, concierge shoppers can do your supplies run for most of your essentials, needs and wants.

Easy answer to your food cravings

When you don’t have time to cook for yourself at home or you’re too lazy for a lunch out at work or for days when you’re just craving for something, Honestbee offers the same convenience and ease with their food deliveries, too. Did you say burger cravings? Honestbee’s got you covered. Chicken, pizza & pasta, Filipino or Japanese? You know what to do.

No need to leave for food trips

From homegrown favorites to international flavors — Ilaputi, Handuraw Pizza, Casa Dos, Kusina Ni Nasing, SnR, and so much more — the choices are almost limitless and with how they do things at Honestbee, your order will surely be the freshest it can be, delivered straight to your home from the restaurant.

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