Redefining beach bars with music and food - Weekend

Redefining beach bars with music and food

By Patricia May P. Catan
Photos: Contributed


SOMEWHERE under Mactan Island’s blue skies and surrounded by sea, a place known for its ambience, specialty mixes and chill out parties wit

DJ Tin Almaden

h awesome music continues to redefine the concept of beach bars.

That was what happened last January 26 during a glowing night at Azure Beach Club of Crimson Resort & Spa with guests adorned in bright and glowing bangles, earrings, and eyewear, while party-goers enjoyed a breezy evening of dancing to new and classic hits at the Rock Bar. The event was aptly called Glow, a yearly-themed party that brings music, people and food together for a night of dancing, drinking and revelry.

Azure’s DJ Raul

Swaying and bopping to the beats of Azure’s resident DJ Raul, it was a vibrant night to remember along with guest DJ Tina Almaden who played music throughout the night with rhythms that had patrons dancing on their feet.

Aside from these endless beats of electronic music, a string of impressive performances by LED dancers pumped up the night and a steaming showcase of fire dances by Flow Arts Cebu became the light of the party. But a collaboration of DJ Raul and saxophonist Christian Pajarillaga capped an enthralling night of merrymaking.

Goan fish curry
45 Days Dry Aged Striploin

Of course, an Azure party won’t be complete without free-flowing drinks. The crowd’s favorites were the class beach club mojito, sangria and glow tonic. In the middle of the sounds of revelry that night, also one of the main highlights of the party was a preview of the latest must-try dishes from Azure’s menu.

Guests were treated to a gastronomic party with its modern Asian fare exceeding culinary expectations. The feast started with mixed seafood balls then followed by a series of salads. The first was Blanket, which was made of cold noodles and vegetable salad with shrimp and aromatic dressing. Ostrich Tandoori Salad and Crab and Cucumber Salad were also served.

Mixed Seafood Balls

The main courses were a surprise to the palate with a 45 Days Dry Aged Striploin served on the table and a new favorite, Goan Fish Curry — an aromatic and savory specialty from the menu. Another mouthwatering must-try dish was the Wood Oven Roasted Tiger Prawn with Jalapeño Sambal served with brown rice vegetables and garlic noodles. And satisfying every one’s sweet tooth was Lick, a vanilla ice cream dessert layered with black pearls and wrapped in flourless sponge.

Glow sure made an evening of partying worthwhile with free-flowing drinks, live performances and a hearty meal which also brought music, food and people together for a night of entertainment by the sea.

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