Cocktail Party

By Michael Karlo Lim


ONE does not go to a party and say no to a drink. I was only accompanying my other half when our enabler offered me a cocktail of my own. Having hurdled overlapping deadlines and reeling from a particularly rigorous set of workouts that week, one didn’t seem too bad an idea. I’d sip it from an Old-fashioned, but this concoction was best delivered intravenously to bypass digestion and go directly where needs to be in – the bloodstream.

IV Trifusion Nutrient Therapy’s Dondon and Micah Hontiveros

My Game Day was recommended for recovery from strenuous activity or to power up for one. Alpha Lipoic Acid helps prevent cellular damage and is used in the body to break down carbohydrates for energy. This conversion is boosted by vitamin B (1, 6, 12) complex, also helping the body use fats and protein. Vitamin C and Zinc bolster the immune system . Magnesium provides cellular support for athletic performance and subsequent recovery while collagen reduces joint pains and degeneration.

I am no stranger to needles being often on the bleeding end my vascularity makes me a medical technologist’s delight. A quick hole-in-one and I kicked back on a La-Z-boy to the accompanying foot, arm, and back massage. Hers was the Fountain of Youth with the promise of a youthful glow. A similar base as above figures in this one. Niacin and Panthothenic come into the B complex lineup to support healthy hair and skin. Placenta has an anti-aging effect with the effective reduction of wrinkles and skin moisturization. L- Glutathione rounds out the mix for what it is – an antioxidant for maintaining intracellular health.

The CSCC E-league threepeat champions getting their Game Day infusion in preparation for their inter-BPO tournament. Photo from IV Trifusion
Charlene Virlouvet gets the Detox drip to help her deal with her demanding social schedule

The good hour or so was lost in the sleep we slipped into from the thorough kneading. Standing up all jelly, the kinks and knots all over all seemed immediately reduced to dull aches. Fatigue and muscle pain were greatly reduced, and I was able to hit the gym harder the next day. Other cocktails are available on the menu and can be tailored to preference.

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