Against the Grain

By Tiny Diapana
Images: Bayani Miguel Acebedo


CEBUANOS have always been hearty eaters.

There’s a reason the island’s got the country’s best lechon. We have a defiantly voracious appetite for the savory, setting aside the worrisome voice telling us to watch our weight as we give way to our gustatory cravings.

Sous Chef Jaimes Van Haght

Hypertension? Diabetes? Oh, blah. Eat now; make half-meant promises to hit the gym and go on half-hearted diets later.

Casting its net across the happy-eating locale, Bai Hotel Cebu’s Marble + Grain Steakhouse is now offering Cebuanos the chance to try and slice their way into high-grade Angus beef through their limited steak-all-you-can, fine-dining promo.

Wine Selection

Ordering a slab of steak is usually a pricey affair, and the certified Angus beef steaks offered on the restaurant’s regular menu can range from P1,950 for a 400-gram Cab Flank to P5,400 for 600 grams of Cab Ribeye Tomahawak.

However, Marble + Grain’s steak-all-you-can gives guests the chance to try a mouth-watering slice of Angus beef and a whole assortment of sides and desserts without beating the meat out of their pockets for only P999++.

Buffet Table

SunStar Weekend was invited to try out Marble + Grain’s steak buffet last week, and it was a pretty delectable experience. Guests get to have the steak made just the way they want it — rare, medium rare, well done — buffet visitors are free to order as many cuts of meat as they would like.

Warm and welcoming, Sous Chef Jaimes Van Haght will often times guide steak-eating newbies in selecting the cut best suited to their taste, helping them decide whether they’d want a juicy mouth –watering cut of medium rare Angus Beef, or if they’d want a sturdy but flavorful slice of well done steak. Van Haght might be British Filipino, but he’s still a Bisaya hailing from Dumaguete, and he’s pretty familiar with Cebuano sensibility.

Medium Rare Angus Beef

While waiting for the steak to cook, buffet visitors can busy themselves with the restaurant’s table of soup, salads and sides. The steak buffet offers quite a variety of appetizers, from different bread slices, Fluffy Mash Potato, Fragrant Rice Pilaf, In-House Chunky Fries, and Baked Cauliflower Cheese. There’s also a salad-making station, a soup station, and a couple of dessert trays littered with small cheese cake slices.

Guests can also head up to the table to retrieve sauces for their steak. Three sauces are made available for the buffet – Whiskey Cream Sauce, Green Pepercorn Au Poivre Sauce and Red Wine Sauce.

Though the Marble + Grain’s steak-all-you-can experience doesn’t include drinks aside from regular service water, buffet guests are free to order from the restaurants wide wine selection.

Though that might seem like a downer, a steak-all-you-can restaurant that offers unlimited premium Angus Beef and a host of soups, salads and sides at such an affordable rate seems like a pretty good place to visit. You can never really go wrong with a juicy cut of Angus beef. Or two cuts. Or three.

Located at the ground floor of Bai Hotel Cebu, Marble + Grain’s steak-all-you-can buffet promo is available for lunch and dinner from Tuesdays to Sundays until January 31.

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