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Set a Course

By Albert Pedrosa


I HAD a very tasteful lunch with photography friends last week and it was out of the ordinary lunch. Ceasar Azanza, owner of Macys Camera Shop was in Manila to attend the Canon year end party, so he invited me and travel photographer Arlene Donaire for lunch. What do you expect with photographers having lunch together, of course there’s a lot of photography discussion.

We had a lengthy coffee time after and more photography talk. It was amazing to hear from photographers being passionate about a particular genre, especially a genre you don’t do a lot. I begin to realize that the more I discover how much there is to learn in fashion photography, other genres have equal amount of depth as well.

I mentioned in the conversation that you cannot wake me up early in the morning to wait for the sunrise and capture it. However, I can wake up anytime if we’ll be doing a fashion shoot. The things we do just to be able to do what we want. That’s passion. If you still don’t know which genre will make you get out of your bed or at least endure all the hassles that come with it, then you should find it really soon.

In the diploma program of Philippine Center for Creative Imaging (PCCI) where students are exposed to different photography genres, as they graduate, they are asked what genre they will pursue and practice. It is surprising to see their different views and the choices they make. Indeed, photography is one big universe of art.

Back when I decided that I wanted to pursue fashion photography as my genre of choice, I never asked for it, it just came. I tried street, landscape, travel, portrait and many more. Although there were some few eureka moments when trying out different genres, fashion photography defined my passion and the level of satisfaction I get is priceless.

To be able to enjoy photography, one must set their course. Photography is a big universe and not knowing where you’re headed is not only wasting your time but will eventually become boring and senseless. Find the one that will capture your heart regardless of known obstacles and difficulties.

It’s going to be a long and challenging journey ahead, so prepare yourself to face adversity. There will be a lot of times when you will question your decision taking on a particular genre, but only if you persist will you see the other side of the wall. There is no end or finish line, maybe not in a lifetime but, there’s a direction that you can hold on to.

Photography is part of life, you can be a practicing career professional in whatever field you’re in and a photographer at the same time. Choosing photography as your career is very much similar to other professional careers: it entails a level of expertise and service. The business side to it is much the same as running any type of business.

A new year is about to start, why not try photography, but this time, set a course. Keep on shooting, everyone!

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