Be merry - Weekend

Be merry

By Michael Karlo Lim


TO BE or not to BE? This Christmas Eve Feast at The Food Hall of BE Grand Resort Bohol should help you decide.

The Noche Buena staple, Queso De Bola, evokes a diner’s memories of Christmases past and excites him for the Chef’s Table Christmas tableau. Pureed shiitake, oyster and button mushrooms blend into full cream for their soup feature, Cream of Trio Mushroom.

Seafood Platter

As in the superstitious practice for long life, noodles are represented by spaghetti with Italian-pureed tomato sauce, fresh basil, and herbs in their Pasta Pomodoro. Pizza takes on a homier Filipino flavor with adobo pork and chicken flakes.

The classic soy-calamansi marinade of grilled pork belly gets an add-on sweet and spicy dimension with sweet chili sauce. Chicken Inasal gets done right roasted with lime, lemongrass, pepper, and annatto as does the marinated fresh squid stuffed with tomatoes and onions in Sinugbang Pusit.

Roasted Brisket
Humba Ronda

A three-hour oven roast renders beef brisket yielding to the fork and is smothered in sweet & smoky hickory barbecue sauce. Aromatic pork belly fermented in black beans, tenderized and flavored with the local gin, Mallorca, make the specialty Humba Ronda.

Korean-style noodles make its way into the menu with stir-fried shiitake mushrooms, bokchoy, carrots and beef tenderloin seasoned in hoisin and chili-garlic sauce. Boholanos traditional fried rice comes with shrimp, squid, and assorted vegetables.

Adobo Pizza
Chap Chae

The buffet’s piece-de-resistance is their suckling pig marinated in Filipino herbs. An Ilocano twist makes it distinctly different from your Cebuano lechon with the use of karimbuwaya or hedge euphorbia, making it mildly tart with a hint of spice. Slow-roasted for four hours, dinuguan-soaked rice cooks inside it as stuffing later served as a perfect accompaniment to the saltine skin and sweet pork meat.

Colorful cube gelatin in creamy bundt brings to mind images of church windows and Simbang Gabi in their Mirror Crystal Jelly. Sapin-sapin, a tri-flavored and layered sticky rice cake with coconut milk, extends the thought with after mass snack feels.

Pasta Pomodoro

Find yourself in Panglao, Bohol on December 24 and enjoy these and so much more in a dinner buffet of specialties from different parts of the globe.

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