A Very Pig & Palm Holiday - Weekend

A Very Pig & Palm Holiday

By Michael Karlo Lim


‘TIS two weeks before Christmas and all throughout town,
All the restos are stirring with dinners abound.
Holiday fetes are best celebrated with feasts;
The Pig & Palm presents festive seasonal treats.
No detail is spared in every single dish;
All are as pleasing to the eye as these are to tongue tips.

Braised Pork Belly with red cabbage puree, spiced apples and granola

Beets impart an herbal sweetness to the entire array,
While vodka makes for a pleasantly heady marinade.
The salmon itself is briny and buttery sweet;
Horseradish-mustard yogurt gives it a slight piquant heat.

Faux gras, as in chicken, is no less buttery than goose;
Its rich, iron bite is tempered by toasted brioche.
Add to the serving a caramelized onion jam,
The sweet-savory combo is better than that in Christmas ham.

Chicken Liver Parfait with toasted brioche and onion jam

Mildly gamey duck is wrapped in pasta as agnolotti,
Onion puree comes in bright, punchy and silky.
Perhaps a contrast, for more chew and for texture,
In sparing clumps come in some oatmeal crumble.

Kicking off the mains is the extension of Thanksgiving,
Traditional turkey roast, confit leg and the trimmings:
Bacon and sage brioche stuffing with some pumpkin swede,
Mashed potato, cranberry sauce, and gravy that’s homemade.

Traditional turkey roast, confit leg, bacon and sage brioche stuffing with pumpkin swede, buttery mashed potato, cranberry sauce, and homemade gravy

It wouldn’t be the Pig & Palm without any pork,
There’s the braised pork belly – so yielding to the fork.
Red cabbage puree makes a delightfully unusual accompaniment,
Spiced apples and granola add sweet textural complements.

The fare is fowl, and this fowl is fair;
Classic roast chicken is a standard affair.
Fondant potato is a beautiful starch,
Cauliflower and cheese complete that flavor arch.
From hoofed and winged, they take on the finned;
There’s pan-fried parrot fish in lobster bisque.
Mashed potatoes figure in for a nice little side;
Best with boiled peas that cannot be denied.

Roast Chicken with fondant potato and cheese puree

To finish, there’s their vanguard Chocolate Moelleux,
Why it’s an easy crowd favorite is not that hard to know.
Instead of salted caramel ice cream, we get some holiday oomph;
The Christmas pudding-flavored one really gets the palate all good.

Chocolate and orange make a great pair in bread pudding,
Mulled wine poached pears are the spiced-sweet toppings.
A good scoop of vanilla ice cream is a decadent touch,
That melts all over it — oh, that’s almost too much.

Duck Agnolotti with onion puree and oat crumble

Just when you’d think that we’re already done,
How about a tiramisu to share or, hey, even only for one?
Its deconstructed plating is a refreshing new take,
But the rich flavors still layer up as in the classic make.

So spring to your sleigh or maybe take an Uber;
To MSY you head out to, you should do that sooner.
Bring family and friends, order everything in sight;
“Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good-night!”

Beetroot and Vodka Cured Salmon with Horseradish and Mustard Yoghurt

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