Warm Wear

Fashion Must Haves for The Cold Season

By Patricia May P. Catan


THE cold season is upon us, which means it’s time for hot cocoa and brewed coffee sessions with family or friends. While these hot beverages can keep one warm for a while, it’s practical to invest in fashion items to keep one cozy and protected amid chilly conditions, here or in some place much colder. Dressing up for the season is rather complicated as there are plenty of items to consider, but hey, it’s also that time of the year where one can be most imaginative and creative while looking fab in those layers of clothes. If one is still double guessing on what to get, SunStar Weekend has got you covered with staple pieces to own for the season of chill.

1. A Trusty Hat.

Protect one’s head from the biting cold with a reliable hat that is both chic and functional. A hat can go a long way especially when one is feeling extra cold, so make sure to bring a dependable one that can last until the end of this season.

2. A Colorful and Patterned Scarf.

Add a bit of color to one’s every day wardrobe by throwing in a cute scarf that can go well with any ensemble. This pop of color will brighten one’s rather dark coats and at the same time will you make you feel warmer.

3. An Oversized Coat.

It’s the season of oversized anything and one can stylishly get away with it too. Say a dressy coat for example. Getting the bigger size than usual can do its magic and this smart outwear can finish off any look too.

4. A Cargo Jacket

The cargo jacket should be part of one’s outwear arsenal with its trendy yet multi-functional purpose. Although one can rock this fashion piece any time of the year, this is also the go-to jacket to complete one’s get-up for this season.

5. A Denim Top.

Its thick material is the perfect layer for the chilly weather and nothing beats a denim top for its versatile feature where one can mix and match the top with some favorite coat or trousers.

6. Festive Culottes

If one forgets to pack a scarf when out and about, festive culottes will save the day. Choose culottes with an eye-popping color, but at the same time a shade that will still appear pleasing to the eyes. Just season one’s look with a bit of color to make an outfit look alive.


Images: Rocky Roska
Models: Tyra Goldman and John Paul Ocat (Shutter Models and Talent)
Wardrobe: Rustan’s Cebu
Locale: Terrazas de Flores
Stylist: Christian Jay Quilo
Hair & Makeup: Karlo Damolo and Jerwin Bastatas

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