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What’s your fitness regimen?

By Elisha Judy Tabaque
Illustration: Enrico Santisas


CREATING a plan or set of rules for your food intake and exercise routine can be difficult considering that you have to give time to prepare for your food or check your schedule as to when can you hit the oval or the gym. But surmounting this challenge and consistently sticking with your fitness regimen can be rewarding.

Aside from becoming healthy, pulling off a fitness regimen that you designed for yourself and actually achieving it boosts the confidence in you and gives you a positive outlook. It pushes you to do more and more, and in time, you just realize how far you’ve gone from the person you’ve been before, not just physically but also mentally and emotionally.

Staying healthy is a choice, and some of our SunStar Weekend readers successfully achieved that choice. Now read over each of our reader’s fitness regimen and be inspired to kick off your day as one of living and staying healthy!


Ervin James Y. Pabular, 30
Registered Nurse

“There was a time when I was sedentary, no exercise no diet, no sports or any activity at all. During that time I weighed 176 lbs. and I didn’t even notice that I was becoming fat. I was alarmed so I decided to start day one of my fitness regimen.

Diet: I started by taking one cup of rice at breakfast, half cup of rice for lunch, fruits and veggies for dinner. It was quite agonizing because I used to eat two to three cups of rice per meal.

Exercise: The hardest part was the exercise because I never thought about it in my entire life. I started running the oval track five rounds and slowly adding one round each day until I can run 10 to 15 rounds or more. After a couple of months, I lost 20 kilograms and that was astonishing.

Hit the gym: Few months after, I incorporated muscle exercises and started going to gym to tone and increase my muscle size. It was quite fun doing different types of exercises and seeing a remarkable improvement on my muscle mass.

Repetition: Since then, my fitness regimen was to always eat healthy, run three times a week and hitting the gym three times a week as well, in an alternate manner. It became a healthy habit.

Run a Marathon: I started running marathons and fun runs way back 2015 and incorporated new training programs to my regimen to complete and compete full and ultramarathons. I’m proud to say that I ran a 100-kilometer ultramarathon that took place last September. It was very exhausting, but I was also elated with this achievement.

Presently, I weigh 65 kilograms. and I’m pleased of what I’ve become. To all the readers, never lose hope in becoming fit. Sedentary lifestyle and becoming fat makes one person physically, mentally and emotionally unhealthy. It is just a matter of mindset and strict self-discipline. You just have to tell yourself that I should make this day as ‘Day One,’ rather than doing it ‘One day.’”


Ianne Clarisse A. Ortiz, 22
MassComm Graduate

“Being someone with psoriasis, I had to take a step back and reevaluate the kind of lifestyle I was living. Although not enough research can back the claim of there being a connection between weight loss and psoriasis, I made the choice to lead a healthier life through dieting and exercising, hoping that improvements would be seen in my skin. So now, aside from doing circuit training during my days off, I try to stay fit by practicing intermittent fasting. I’m proud to say that I’ve lost about 10 kilograms since I started last April and that my skin, from being about 70 percent covered with red patches, only a few red dots can be seen now. Starting this kind of lifestyle wasn’t easy, but seeing the changes in my body and skin totally makes every hard and tiring day at training and all the cravings left unsatisfied, worth it.”


Andrea May G. So, 20
Content Writer

“First thing’s first — I don’t go to the gym because of my time shift at work, nor do I follow a healthy meal plan. However, what I do to keep myself fit is that I do brisk walking and I limit my food intake. Back when I was in high school, I used to be sporty. I play badminton, go on bike trips, and walk all the time. But now, because of my schedule at work and other important matters to attend to, what I do to cope up with my fitness is to jog or to brisk walk, and doing stretching exercises every weekend instead. I do these at least 30 minutes to an hour. I’m very conscious of my eating habits nowadays. That is why I drink and eat foods at minimal. For my rice intake, I take only 1 cup of rice per meal. Sometimes, I take half a cup for lunch and dinner. As for drinks, I make sure to drink sodas twice a month max. That helps me in controlling my sugar intake.”


TG Bonjuana D. Cañal, 21
Aquacultural Technician II

“First of all, I love to mix up different fitness routine because honestly it is not always easy for me to stay committed in just one routine. I like to challenge myself. I do workout once or thrice a week for maximum of 30 minutes. The most common exercises that I always do in my weekly workout are the Jump Rope (two to three minutes), 30 to 50 Jumping Jacks, Slide Lunges, Squats, Crossover Crunches, Sit-ups, Flutter Kicks, 60 seconds plank and push-ups and sometimes I also include some yoga poses whenever I can. In addition, eating nutritious food and drinking a lot of water is always a part of my every routine. Being internally motivated and making it a habit is what keeps me going.”


Wayne Matthew A. Marte, 21
Medical Representative

“Transitioning from college to the professional world entails a lot of discipline. To keep in shape, I make sure to find time to exercise on my free time, which is either early in the morning or late in the afternoon. I usually jog because I’ve been used to it during my childhood days as part of our land training when I was into competitive sports, swimming to be exact. The first thing I do in the morning is drinking a glass of water before filling my stomach with food because it cleanses your body and prepare your stomach for the day. Recently, I bought a nutriblitzer which grinds fresh fruits and vegetables. I just add milk and a bit of ice together with it and I’m all set for the day. Above everything, keeping a positive mindset keeps me away from all the stress that may affect my fitness regimen.”

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