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Fit for a Pageant

6 Binibining Cebu bets share how they nurture a sound mind, body and soul

By Patricia May P. Catan


IT TAKES a lot to become a beauty queen and molding yourself into one doesn’t always look as easy as it may seem. Pageantry is a whole different world for women and it may mean different for every candidate, but one thing is for sure. Only one will wear the crown at the finish line.

Also nearing its end is the first ever Binibining Cebu, and soon on Oct. 28 at the Pacific Grand Ballroom of Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino, one among the 54 candidates will bag the title as Binibining Cebu 2017.

But before the coronation night, the 54 candidates have gone through numerous activities and have been in pre-pageant competitions. All of which were not easy tasks to accomplish which is why SunStar Weekend asked select six candidates on how they put up a strong body, mind and soul in this rollercoaster ride of a journey.

Ingrid Gerodias

Ingrid Gerodias

Representing the municipality of Minglanilla, Ingrid Gerodias is a simple girl who loves adventures, martial arts and generally has a positive outlook in life. According to her, she never truly imagined herself joining Binibining Cebu because she is someone who is shy and reserved. Despite describing herself as such, she stands strong to prove and challenge her limits and at the same time expand her boundaries. Ingrid further shared that she knows Binibining Cebu goes beyond the pageantry.

Whatever happens in the duration of the competition, there’s always one or two take away that every candidate will forever hold dear. Also, as one of the candidates, it is required to always be on top of your health with all the pre-pageant activities plus the coronation night, and Ingrid sees to it that she stays fit by eating a well-balanced meal and never forgetting to exercise every day. And when everything gets too overwhelming, she said she finds peace with nature.

“Whenever I feel stressed and drained, I usually go mountain trekking, boating or simply relax at the shore or at the mountain and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Cebu,” she shared.

Ethel Tomarse Elic

Ethel Tomarse Elic

Ethel Tomarse Elic is a pure and proud Alcantarahanon. She is a self-sufficient, diligent and optimistic individual. Joining Bb. Cebu for her is not just about the title, but the privilege and experience it also brings. Ethel was hesitant to participate at first, but after realizing how important the pageant is for her town, she immediately shrugged off the hesitation and doubt then pursued Binibining Cebu. Adding that she decided to join the pageant because she wants to see herself grow and improve as a woman, she is now in this journey for hometown and self.

“I personally think this is the right time to see a transformation from my previous self to the renewed me. The journey I am taking now is for the betterment of my province and myself.”

Lersly Ann Gonza

Lersly Ann Gonza

With her burning passion to continue her dream of becoming a beauty queen, Lersly Ann Gonza decided to join Binibining Cebu. She considers being a beauty queen as one of her biggest dreams because she wants to inspire and bring hope in every person’s life. Binibining Cebu also gave her the opportunity to represent her hometown of Boljoon and showcase its hidden beauty to the rest of the world. She describes herself as someone who is smart too. “I am physically smart because I know how to carry out my responsibilities. I am intellectually smart because I know how to make wise decisions and I am emotionally smart because I always have a place for Cebu in my heart,” she explained.

With the crazy and busy weeks of activities laid out beforehand, Gonza stays fit and healthy by exercising daily and by eating the right kind of food. She also engages herself in sports such as basketball, and she makes sure she has enough rest. Pageants can get too draining and sometimes there’s just too much to take in, but for Gonza she stays positive and looks at every problem as a challenge. She doesn’t allow things to bother her mind.

“I usually meditate in order to free myself from worries and to give my soul the relaxation it needs,” Gonza shared on how she keeps a sound mind and soul.

Jacqueline Pedotti

Jacqueline Pedotti

Jacqueline Pedotti is no stranger to the pageant world. She joined Miss Mandaue 2012 and bagged second runner-up. Now, she is representing the City of Talisay for the first ever Binibining Cebu. When Pedotti heard that there was going to join Binibining Cebu, indecision surfaced. But with the reassurance and support of her friends, family and handlers, she decided to have a comeback. One of the reasons that encouraged her to participate in the pageant was its purpose. She was very impressed that the pageant is rediscovering Cebu for its people, culture and tourist destinations.

Pedotti is a softhearted, passionate and determined person. She enjoys the simple things in life and will exhaust all means to strive for her dreams and passions. She believes that Bb. Cebu will open doors for a better career and create progress as a person. Stating that she is very much aware of what she is getting into, she recharges her strength by taking multivitamins while getting plenty of rest and exercises. In the world of pageantry, a lot can happen. Whether it’s on the positive or negative side, it is important to be mentally prepared.

“I make sure not to let the pressure get the best of me and I know it may sound so cliché, but I will enjoy every minute in this competition and at the same time I will do my outmost best to make my handlers, friends, family and the city that I am representing proud.”

Monique Ricafort Acha

Monique Ricafort Acha

Crowned as Miss Tuburan Tourism 2017, it was natural for Monique Ricafort Acha to join Binibining Cebu and represent Tuburan. Being a pageant enthusiast herself, she decided to take the responsibility to help promote the municipality since she thinks that the Tuburanons desereve to be represented in a prestigious event. Acha considers herself as a home buddy. She spends most of her time at home reading books, writing poems and watching investigative and documentary stories. Now faced with a busy schedule and having almost no time for her usual hobbies, Acha is focused on keeping herself fit and healthy for the pageant. She disciplines herself in picking the right food to eat, do a quick exercise at home, rest and take vitamins. For Acha, she said it’s all about mind conditioning.

“I condition my mind for any possible activities, happenings and results of the pageant. I keep my positive vibe in order to maintain a positive performance in the whole journey of the pageant and most especially, I raise a prayer asking for guidance,” shared Acha.

May Ann Solidad Acojedo

May Ann Solidad Acojedo

A proud Cebuana who’s representing the peaceful and beautiful town of Ginatilan, May Ann Solidad Acojedo joined the pageant because she believes that she is capable of winning the crown. She mentioned that she is confident and determined that she can showcase her full being not just in her beauty but also in her intellect, values, talents, and skills that a Cebuana possesses.

Acojedo works as a barista in one of the famous coffee shops in Cebu, and shared that she is passionate about the art of making coffee. She is also athletic: she runs and plays volleyball not only to get fit, but as a way to clear the mind as well. With that being said, it all boils down to disciplining her mind and heart. Committing to join Binibining Cebu doesn’t stop her from doing what she loves and that also drives her to perform her best in all activities.

“Investing my time and energy to go to the gym, putting a time table for every occasion, maintaining the right kind of food, exercising regularly, and having enough rest are ways to be fit and healthy. But with proper self-discipline, I can really do those things despite my current fast paced life,” she said.

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