Toss your own salad - Weekend

Toss your own salad

By Alexis Yap


IT WAS an afternoon of Salad 101, so to speak, when our friends at Pusô Bistro and Bar, Quest Hotel’s flagship restaurant, invited us to a healthy lunch and schooled us with its basics – in terms of making the perfect salad that is.

Introducing their Salad Bar buffet with a price tag of only P350 net per person, they don’t disappoint with their wide array of standard and house signature salad dressings and the freshest ingredients making their spread the biggest and most interesting we’ve seen by far.

Chef Cydh Dinsay of Pusô Bistro and Bar

Chef Cydh Dinsay, salad chef extraordinaire of Pusô Bistro and Bar tells us the possibilities are endless with their 15 dressings and 120 condiments. However, here are the basics of creating the perfect bowl of greens and everything that goes in between:

1. Base. Choose your base. Select from the trusty romaine, iceberg, or lollo rosso. Want a little bit of everything? Why not? It’s your choice!

2. Something crunchy. Get your crunch from fruits and vegetables like apples, cucumbers and carrots. Or if you’re feeling a bit nutty, go for some almonds or walnuts.

Hang Over Salad. Crispy green, cherry tomato, mash garlic, onion ring, bacon, parmesan, chop parsley, hot sauce, jalapeño, poached egg tossed in Pusô’s house made Kimchi dressing

3. Something soft. Avocadoes and tomatoes are perfect for this. However, dried mangoes, apricots, and raisins provide a burst of flavor aside from providing the element of softness to your salad.

4. Something unexpected. This is where it gets interesting. Ingredients can range from nachos, Spanish sardines, pork chicharon, or even anchovies, locally known as bolinao.

Local Flavor. Mixed greens, salted egg, tomato slice, onions, fried tofu, green mango, and Pusô’s house made danggit dressing

5. Protein. Choices in the Pusô spread include crabmeat, tuna flakes, bacon, hard-boiled eggs and even some Japanese tofu for the hardcore vegetarians.

6. Dressing. Puso boasts of at least 15 salad dressings including their popular house signature dressings: chili mango, kimchi, and danggit dressing.

Equipped with the basics of creating that healthy bowl of greens definitely inspired us to create our very own masterpieces.

And for those who are weary, don’t worry. Chef Cydh and his team would be more than happy to guide you in making your bowl a healthy, yummy success.

October promo: Seniors enjoy 50 percent off at lunch buffet at Pusô Bistro and Bar, Mondays to Sundays until the end of October. This brings down the regular rate of P750 net to only P375 net, including unlimited beverages on display.

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