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‘What do you do to stay healthy?’

By Elisha Judy Tabaque


THERE are no shortcuts when it comes to wellness and good health. Ideally, a healthy lifestyle requires discipline, wise choices of food intake, physical activities, and stress relief. But staying healthy doesn’t end there. SunStar Weekend readers share their thoughts on how they maintain good health in a challenging environment.

Jude Lisandro A. Lora, 23
Law Student

“As a boarding law student living far away from the comforts of home, breakdown of the physical body is something I can’t afford. So I take care of my health as much as I can, with the knowledge that Google search has provided me as well as advice from friends, both actual and virtual.
1. Stay hydrated. Drink a lot of water and stay away or limit intake of carbonated, sweetened, and alcoholic beverages.

2. Sleep. This is a luxury for a lot of students, especially postgrad, but I always need to have at least 8 hours of sleep, and I do.

3. Eat “real” food. Fastfood is always the last resort. (There goes a potential fastfood chain endorsement ruined.)

4. Use the stairs. I haven’t really developed a study habit that would allow me to fix a particular time for regular workout, so to compensate even for just a tiny bit, I use the stairs more often than the elevator.”

Hilda A. Rodriguez, 43
Company Nurse

“I used to eat everything unlimited until I was diagnosed with Toxic Goiter when I was 35. That was the time I started to follow the doctor’s diet restrictions. I started to go organic instead of commercial food sources. Then I saw the movie Okja. That was when I realized that we can truly live without eating pork meat. Now, it has been two months already that I have this “no pork meat” practice! Yet, I do eat goat, beef and chicken meat. I am more into fish viands with veggies and fruits. I even used mix kitchen organic stuff like APC vinegar, rose water, turmeric, lemon, cinnamon, and raw honey for my beauty regimen. I am 43 now, and I am proud of how I look for my age! Having a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean you need to have that “slim figure.” You just have to figure out what your body needs and then it will utilize your food intake as source of energy for you to function well. That doesn’t really jeopardize what you want to eat and in fact, it will make you happy! What we take in will reflect on how we look. I think the key point is “balance with discipline” in everything we eat and in what we do to make ourselves better as we age in this stressful environment. No need for strenuous physical exercise. Just keep moving like walking for proper circulation that will reduce stress. And definitely, your body will function well. A positive outlook will also help us achieve a healthy life!”

Patrick Byron G. Gattoc, 21
Marketing Officer

“I do a lot to maintain my physical and mental well-being. I keep myself physically active and well by doing an hour of weight training four times a week and an hour of cardio exercise once a week. I am also conscious with what I eat. I strive to make my meals more balanced with ideal amounts of protein, carbohydrates and fats. I avoid food that are high in fat, sodium, and sugars like junk foods and sodas. I also hydrate myself with appropriate amounts of water. I also take vitamins and supplements to help me function at my optimum and keep me in my tip-top shape. I may sound so boring but I do not drink and smoke, and I want to keep it that way.

I usually sleep early at night. I make it a point to sleep at least six to eight hours every night to help me get energized and alert for the next day.

Since mental health has become an emerging concern recently, I also do some ways to take care of my mental well-being. At times when I am stressed or anxious, I usually do mindfulness meditation. I can tell that it is a great way to calm and clear your mind with the adverse impacts of stress. To keep me sane, I also bring myself to a good laugh by watching funny videos on YouTube or watching my favorite comedy series.”

JD A. Bancat, 35

“Being healthy is making smart choices, making wellness a priority. It is learning how to take care of your body not just physically but mentally as well. I stay healthy by starting the morning routine of eating right and mentally preparing myself for the day. Health is a choice I have to make every day. Stay young by keeping your heart healthy. There is no secret to being fit. Just make the right choices.”

Sharlene Ann D. Cueva, 23
Tourism Operations Officer-II

“Tourism is one of the leading industries today. It is fast-paced and dynamic, which is why health is indeed, wealth in the career that I am in. I have three things balanced to stay healthy: SLEEP-DIET-SOCIALS! To stay healthy, I make sure I get the right amount of sleep whenever I can. Vegetables and fruits, especially citrus are on my diet. I also stay away from too much sugar and eat more of white meat. Most of all, I keep a bottle of water with me always to keep me hydrated. And when it’s time to de-stress, I engage socially through music and sports. I run, swim, play badminton and go out with friends to music gigs or share a good laugh over coffee or tea, and when there’s more time, we take a breather at the beach.”

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