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Best Thing About Indoor Parking

Text: Karl Aries Emerson F. Cabilao, FUAP
Image: Allan Cuizon


IN A metropolis that is obsessed with private cars, parking space is always an issue when it comes to buildings and spaces that would cater to public use. Commercial buildings like malls as well as office and condominium buildings are always required to provide ample parking space based on their intended occupancy. The minimum requirements for parking are among the important building regulations enshrined in the Philippine National Building Code and this must be considered very well when buildings are planned and designed.

Spaces for parking are usually allotted in the outdoors. At times, a separate parking building may be designed. But in areas where lot sizes are constricted, building owners usually incorporate the parking spaces within the building itself. Basement levels or up until the first few floors of the building can be dedicated to indoor parking.

Planning parking spaces indoors are additional challenge to the designers since there are so many considerations in planning the parking space that could also affect how the different rooms and spaces in the building are laid out. Integrating parking inside a building could present a more limited space for vehicular movement and circulation which means additional features must be introduced to facilitate an efficient indoor traffic flow and provide convenience to the car users (apart from shielding them from sun and rain).

SunStar Weekend asked some of its readers what they think are good features for ideal indoor parking spaces.

Vernon Joseph Go
Digital content editor

“I think two good features for an indoor parking space are reasonable or flexible rates and ergonomic space design. Flexible rates for me are ‘reasonable,’ with promos or the like and perhaps something new like ‘mid- to long-term storage’ but that’s just me. Ergonomic design means it is safe with features like parking blocks, good angle of spaces, enough space to maneuver the vehicle as well as the human aspects of the design like PWD-friendly provisions, ventilation and lighting. Let’s also add good security and staff too. New technologies will be a bonus.”

Alexander Bajarias
Management associate

“Indoor parking should be designed so that it gives the car owner peace of mind with their vehicle’s security more than having it parked outdoors especially in a non-designated area. Other than being easily stolen, cars parked outdoors are vulnerable to damage done by thugs and the like whom you can hardly hold liable. It’s in a way more practical to pay parking fees inside establishments rather than incurring expense for repair if such happens. Having a car entails investment on its security as well.”

Nerie Ann Mina
Client service associate

“One most important feature of having a good indoor parking space is safety. Since parking is not only about cars but people as well. A good parking space must be safe enough for vehicle owners most especially when going home at night. A safe parking space gives vehicle owners peace of mind and convenience.”

Danielin Dico
5th placer, June 2017 Architecture Licensure Examination

“Some people would prefer an indoor parking space rather than the usual outdoor parking option simply for the owner’s convenience and probably for the vehicle’s easy maintenance. Also, the latter is more susceptible to accidents and crimes considering its location to the public eye. Therefore, the safety and security of the indoor parking space is its most important feature. Maximizing the visibility of the space and incorporating monitoring systems are a few of the strategies that can promote the said feature.”

George Mañapao Jr.
5th placer, June 2017 Architecture Licensure Examination

“On top of the list of considerations in designing indoor parking space must be ventilation. A parking space functions as a service area intended only for cars. However, there is still a point wherein the users/passengers travel from their vehicle toward the designated entrances and allowing them to be exposed to toxic gases, heat, and dust generated by cars. As a designer, one must take into account the safety,health and comfort of the occupants thus an indoor parking space shall incorporate proper and sufficient ventilation may it be through (1) artificial means by using exhaust system especially for basements or (2) natural means by integrating the concepts of cross ventilation or convective flow of air.”

Sam Jordan Hermosa
Marketing professional (Toyota Mabolo)

“A good feature would be the use of LED signages that tell drivers where they can find a vacant space easily specially at malls during peak hours. These are really helpful especially in bigger parking spaces since it saves time and there’s no need to keep on looking around for place to park the car.”

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