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Split-second thinking on what’s worth saving

By Martie de Castro, Kaye Santander & Joyce Villaflor
STC Mass Comm Interns

Image: N.S. Villaflor


WHEN disaster strikes, a person experiences several things at once. Sometimes, an adrenaline rush coupled with a sense of panic can become overwhelming for some, and instead of staying calm and remembering proper safety procedures practiced during drills, anxiety gets the better of them, disorganized thoughts, actions and all. On the other hand, those who have quick thinking and presence of mind not just save their own lives, but those of others as well, and perhaps a priceless possession or two.

Surely, it must have crossed everyone’s mind what that one thing worth saving is no matter how tough the circumstances may be. SunStar Weekend asked some people what that first thing — inanimate or living — would be should disaster strike.

Bea Alfar Evardone
Marketing Specialist/Writer

“Having gone through safety and disaster preparedness seminars before, I know that the first thing you must secure when disasters strike is yourself. But I went against this during the recent earthquake because the very first thing I did was look for my shih tzu puppy Matcha before securing my own safety. I’ll never be able to enjoy my own safety when I know the one that matters most to me isn’t with me. I guess priorities really change when you become a (pupper) mom!”

Faith Mariz Ty
Registered Nurse

“The first, most important thing I’ll keep safe if a disaster strikes, would be water. It will get me going for days. We really never know how (big) the disaster will be or how long its effects will last and dehydration is common during disasters. Having sufficient supply of water would fill you up fast and prevent this from occurring.”

Nelsie Rita Marie P. Montuya
Marketing Associate

“In times of disaster, I’ll keep myself safe first. I do believe that in times of chaos, every person around you would lose control, and panic. They’d forget what would best be done at that moment. This is so I could help those who need my help. No matter how big or small or chaotic and escalating the situation may be, we all need keep calm and be strong to get ourselves thinking of what to do next. I’d keep myself safe and strong to be able to keep all those around me safe.”

Caroline Jenet Faye Arepal
Registered Nurse

“It is indubitable that when a disaster strikes, it may cause great damage, injuries, and above all, loss of lives. If such event would happen, my first priority would be to keep myself safe, since there is no use of a dead rescuer. As an RN, I can provide medical assistance to those harmed or affected by this tragic event, hence, I would try my best not to be the one being tended to, rather, I would be the one tending to those who are in need. With this, I would be able to save not just one life (my own), but hopefully, a lot.”

Clyde Emil Ausejo
Recruitment and Sourcing

“The first thing I’ll keep safe if disaster strikes would be my sanity, so then would know what I should keep second. In every emergency we are biologically created to be reactive, rather than thoughtful or citical in our thinking, and this might get you into more trouble. I think that its always important to #keepcalm and focused during situations like these, BE IN CONTROL.”

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