A complete breakfast buffet in the heart of the city - Weekend

A complete breakfast buffet in the heart of the city

By Patricia Catan
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A BRAND new day welcomes you as the sun peeps through your window pane. You wake up and start to get ready for the day. As soon as morning breaks, you tirelessly follow your everyday routine. But as you step out of your house to conquer the rest of the day, you yet again realize you’ve forgot to do something.

In this fast-paced life, people forget that what truly is essential in this world are the little things we encounter each day. You might not see this coming, but the one thing that people often disregard is the importance of a meal, especially breakfast. A lot would say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and yet so many people skip it. So let’s be honest: breakfast is indeed a vital start to every morning.

Making sure that you don’t leave with an empty stomach, the breakfast buffet at Quest Hotel’s Puso Bistro and Bar has everything you need to start the day, and more. This homegrown restaurant located right in the heart of the city proudly serves local dishes and gives you that strong Cebuano street vibe, along with their well-thought of selection of breakfast buffet specialties.



Who doesn’t love bacon? The familiar sound as you bite into that piece of meat and indulge every corner of that crunchy strip makes for an exciting breakfast at Puso Bistro and Bar, which prepares a whopping 60 kilograms of bacon daily for their breakfast buffet. No wonder the most visited station in this resto never seems to run out of bacon.


Giving you that true Cebuano street vibe is the tahô guy who delights every guest at breakfast as he carries in his shoulders the tahô. A staple food that locals continually seek in the streets of Cebu and finding it in a rather fancy restaurant is a happy sight to see as it gives you comfort in dining like no other food can.


Living up to its branding of serving homegrown dishes, Puso Bistro and Bar justifies the claim with its chorizo that’s packed with flavor. Providing its loyal Cebuano patrons with a familiar taste that’s truly homegrown, the restaurant dishes out its well-loved chorizo with a taste that hits right back home.


What comes to mind first when you think about breakfast? I’m sure you’re thinking what we’re thinking. Yes, you go that right. Pancakes, of course. Not only is it the best food for breakfast, it also brings back every chilhood memory worth going back to. Puso Bistro and Bar fulfills your child-like dreams with its pancake station where you can ask for freshly made pancakes that’s light and fluffy with a hint of sweetness.

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