Stop-off havens - Weekend

Stop-off havens

Text: Patricia May P. Catan with Kaye Santander, STC Mass Comm Intern


WHAT’S worse than Cebu’s current traffic mess? Getting stuck in a traffic jam, of course. If you think it through, you can always avoid these types of situations and find other things to do instead of sitting in traffic. It’s always best to plan your day — or week — to make the most out of Cebu’s time-consuming, mind-numbing traffic situation. But should you ever find yourself in a gridlock, consider mapping out escape routes to take you to the nearest traffic havens, such as these fine establishments on this list:

Essential pampering at Beauty and Butter

Beauty & Butter

After a long day of work or school, imagine being stuck in a bumper-to-bumper traffic that has been stagnant for quite a long time with your playlist already repeating, cellphone running out of battery, back aching and legs numbing from sitting down, and stomach growling from hunger. Your thoughts might have wandered to a place where your hands and feet are being massaged, nails getting done and unwanted hair removed. Trade all your discomforts and give yourself a well-deserve treat by going to Beauty & Butter.

Beauty & Butter offers different kinds of pampering services that will surely take away the traffic stress. Their nail care includes manicure, pedicure, nail art and gel polish. While boys might not want to paint their nails, they can surely avail themselves of Beauty & Butter’s pampering services, which include different kinds of hand and foot spa, something that you would rather do than restlessly fidgeting with your fingers on the steering wheel. They also provide waxing for different body parts that could grow unwanted hair. Beauty & Butters also offers deals with a combination of their exceptional services at such an affordable price.

So before engaging yourself in the traffic misery, avoid it by pampering yourself in the ultimate nail grooming and pampering destination. Let the traffic subside and head on to the different branches of Beauty & Butter. They are open every day at 10 a.m. and close on weekdays at 9 p.m. and at 10 p.m. on weekends.

High-tech teeth care at GAOC

GAOC dental chair in Operating Room

Technology has paved the way for many advanced innovations and dental care is not one to be missed. The state-of-the-art dental clinic Gan Advanced Osseointegration Center (GAOC) is a proof of this, as it opened its newest branch in Cebu.

So, instead of grinding your teeth and sitting in the middle of traffic, why not kill some time while keeping your teeth in the best of health? With a 400-square-meter office that is equipped with its own dental laboratory and surgery center, GAOC lives up to its name as the largest dental clinic in the Philippines. Its high-class facilities and advanced dental equipment also make GAOC the first luxury dental clinic in the country.

GAOC Treatment Room

World-renowned dental surgeon Dr. Steve Mark G. Gan established GAOC in 2001. Dubbed as a “dentist of the stars,” Dr. Gan makes sure that his team gives quality treatment to their patients from Philippines and abroad.

A multidisciplinary specialty clinic, GAOC provides different dental services ranging from general dentistry to cosmetic and laser dentistry, orthodontics, oral surgery and periodontics, pediatric surgery, and prosthodontics. The highly educated 47 dentists of GAOC are all products of Cebu universities, specifically from Cebu Doctor’s University, Southwestern University and University of the Visayas. These dentists were trained in Makati and abroad to ensure that patients are given exceptional oral care.

“All of our doctors follow the 3Cs, which are consistency, communication and commitment,” Dr. Gan said. “We try to be as consistent as possible. We communicate with our patients and with one another. We try to be as transparent as possible. We work 24/7.”

Snips and sips at 22T


You drive outside your garage and receive news that a traffic jam is reported ahead. You halt to a stop and weigh in your chances of avoiding traffic. To make the decision easier for you, especially for the gentleman who lives around Banilad, why not wait out the busy roads in comfort and style?

22 Thatcher (22T) Barbershop + Café, yes you heard that right. 22T is the newest haven for gentlemen who would fancy a haircut while sipping a glass of whiskey or a cup of coffee or tea instead of sitting in traffic. This 20’s inspired grooming spot is adorned with distressed brick walls, dark wood shelving and monochrome floors that simply take you to a whole new era with soft jazz music playing in the background from the turntable.


22T gives every gentleman who walks in an optimum relaxation starting off with a cold towel to ease your disposition from the humid weather outdoors. A boutique created for the mindful modern man, 22T assures you of the ultimate grooming experience with skillful barbers who know exactly what haircut suits your needs. Once your hair is washed and dried, a perfect hot towel comes followed by a massage that will further calm your state.

Finally, your hair is elaborately styled with a mindfully selected pomade and as you look at the mirror, you see a man ready to take over the world. 22 Thatcher Barbershop + Café with its carefully curated grooming and beverage services makes for the best grooming experience for men in Cebu.

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