Six Pawsome Facts about a Café for Doggies - Weekend

Six Pawsome Facts about a Café for Doggies

By Deneb R. Batucan
Images: Kiddo Canovas of Paper Boat Photography
Locale: Lovey Doggy Café
Doggie Wardrobe: Mae Gallardo


DELICIOUS food, refreshing drinks, and cute and cuddly dogs all in one roof — Lovey Doggy Café is the place for you. Not only would you be able to get to know such an endearing pack of lovable pups, you’ll also get to interact with them and maybe even make them the squad your pet dog has longed for. Lovey Doggy is a great place for both dogs and dog parents as both can find an enjoyable time inside its pastel-colored walls. Here are six things that make Cebu’s first dog café so utterly pawsome.

A pack of lovely doggos

Leo the Boston Terrier

Lovey Doggy Café is home to a pack of friendly (and sometimes sleepy) dogs who anticipate your gentle petting and belly rubs. They are used to human contact and are often the ones who come close to visitors, especially if you have some treats hidden in your hands. There are different dogs breeds living at Lovey Doggy, but like cute and dysfunctional family, they’re a band of dog siblings who are ready to give you some happy loving as you go inside their Play Pen at the fee of P100 for an hour’s worth of cuddling.

Human-dog contact

Bruno the Beagle

Being advocates of human-dog contact, Lovey Doggy highly encourages petting and belly rubs for its resident doggos.Dog parents could also bring in their own babies at Lovey Doggy, along with your dog’s updated veterinary card and you’re good to go.

Drinks and desserts

Kuma the French Bulldog

Being a café, Lovey Doggy has a variety of drinks available from coffee, tea and frappucinos as well as desserts and sandwiches. Reasonably priced and very tasty, these are great ways to make your stay a lot more fun, while getting to know the resident doggies, too.

Pet hotel

Wolverine the Pomeranian

For busy dog parents who need a safe and loving place to leave their pets, Lovey Doggy has a pet hotel and pet daycare — these are daily and hourly rates for the care and shelter of your pups. Just present an updated veterinary card as well as the required dog food and vitamins or medicines if any, and Lovey Doggy’s attentive staff will take care of your pooch for you.

Attentive Staff

Being in a café filled with dogs with different kinds of personalities, the staff at Lovey Doggy are of course trained in proper dog handling. Their resident doggos mean so much to them that their safety and well-being is always on top of their list. Their main dog handler is a trained K9 professional, which makes him very keen about the different dispositions of each dog.

Pet accessories

At the second floor of Lovey Doggy is a pet store filled with various dog accessories. From apparel, furniture, leashes, collars and diapers, everything your pet possibly needs are for sale there. If you’re an extra kind of dog parent, Lovey Doggy’s variety of pet accessories has you covered.

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