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Lighten Up the Road

Finding your groove in a traffic jam

Text: Martie de Castro, Kaye Santander & Joyce Villaflor
STC Mass Comm Interns

Images: N.S. Villaflor


BEING caught in a traffic gridlock is probably the most exasperating thing that can happen to anyone nowadays. Whenever we rush to work, catch an appointment or event, or perhaps dying to get back home and relax after a tiring day, heavy traffic never fails to spoil everything. But, can we really turn something that bad into one that’s more tolerable?

SunStar Weekend asked a few citizens what their secret chill pill is when it comes to dealing with the daily traffic grind. Here’s how they jam to the traffic:

How to chill when you’re stuck on the road

Patricia Anne Alturas, 20
Fresh Graduate

“I usually commute through the jeepneys, but when the going gets tough, I opt for habal-habal. Whenever traffic strikes, I busy myself by listening to music or to the e-books that I have downloaded. Sometimes, I hum out a tune or unconsciously sing, to the grievance of my fellow commuters. I would not know what I would do without my earphones.”

Marie Sharmaine It-it, 20
Fresh Graduate

“Being stuck in traffic, especially while driving, is the worst. Not only do I get tired from sitting behind those wheels with my legs that are about to get numb, but it also causes me stress and boredom. To alleviate my stress and boredom during traffic, I listen to music and sing my heart out when Im alone. However, when I’m with my friends and loved ones, the traffic becomes bearable for I am able to talk and laugh with them despite the traffic.”

Paolo Jose Dapanas, 24
Medical Technologist and Med Student

“It depends if I’m the one driving or if I’m just a passenger. If I’m driving, I dont really do much, but sometimes I unconsciously start fiddling my fingertips on the steering wheel. I don’t know why I do it, but maybe it lessens the restlessness a little bit. And if I’m just a passenger, well it’s a no brainer, I just sleep it off while listening to Spotify.”

Danica Mae Rosales, 21
Admin Staff, Leasing Department

“Whenever you see a 30+ grumpy looking lady,then that may be me if I didn’t have my earphones and/or snacks during traffic. Listening to music and eating keeps me alive and calm especially when I am panicking and keeping track of time. That, or enjoy visualizing myself and others as characters of a fantasy story or stories that are just waaay out of the world. But when I’m m not in the mood to think a lot, I simply observe the actions of other passengers and secretly make funny memes in my head.”

Tats Denniel Samson, 20
Incoming Global Volunteer

“Being stuck in traffic is what I hate the most. There is too much noise around you because drivers are beeping at each other and what’s worse is that pollution is everywhere. So in order to avoid the feeling of being pissed in the middle of the road, what I’d usually do is I listen to music. It lessens the tension that is inside you and it will make you more relaxed. As time passes by, you will temporarily forget that you are stuck in traffic for a couple of hours.”

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