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High-altitude beer, anyone?

IF YOUR dad is the type who travels, here’s a bit of trivia for him: flying dulls one’s sense of taste by up to 30 percent.

And if he’s one who loves a bottle of beer or two while flying but wants to relish the full flavors of his brew, he’s in luck. That’s because Cathay Pacific has created the world’s first craft beer brewed specially for 35,000 feet.

By fusing science with traditional brewing techniques, Cathay Pacific, in partnership with Hong Kong Beer Co., crafted a unique brew that tastes great anywhere, especially up in the air. It named the brew Betsy Beer, after the airline’s first aircraft, a Douglas DC-3 that flew passengers around the region in the 1940s and 1950s.

For the brew, Cathay Pacific blended Hong Kong “Dragon Eye” fruit and New Territories honey with English Fuggle hop from the United Kingdom, a selection that celebrates its routes between Hong Kong and the UK.

“The reception Betsy Beer has received since its launch has been overwhelmingly positive,” said Julian Lyden, Cathay Pacific General Manager Marketing, Loyalty Programme and CRM. “Betsy Beer is a great example of what we mean by ‘traveling well.’ It is a beautifully crafted product designed purely with the traveler, and beer lover, in mind.”

So where can you and your dad try Betsy Beer? If you’re taking these Cathay Pacific routes in First Class and Business Class in the following months, you and dad are in luck: between Hong Kong and Europe (except the UK) until the end of June, the US and Canada from July to August, Japan from September to October, and New Zealand and Tel Aviv from November to December.

Also, Betsy Beer is available at select Hong Kong restaurants and bars, including Kowloon Taproom, Zhang Men Craft Brewery, The Globe, Coedo Taproom, and Corner Stop Bar & Café.

Cathay Pacific customers who booked their flights online at cathaypacific.com can enjoy a free bottle of Betsy Beer with select menu items from Pizza Express at Hong Kong International Airport until June 30. (NSV)



New Territories Honey
Shatin, Hong Kong

“Dragon Eye” or Longan Fruit
Hong Kong

Fuggle Hop
Kent, England

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