The New Rules - Weekend

The New Rules

By Michael Karlo Lim

TUCK In your shirt, up your Layer Game, Keep On Track with sportswear under tailoring, Double Up on same fabrics, Crop & Contrast formal pants with casual footwear.

Kill it.

Forget what you’ve heard. Topman’s five new style commandments are guaranteed to upgrade your look without requiring a full wardrobe overhaul.

The age of Instagram tends to squeeze out the inner sartorial savvy. That it does can get taxing and it’s easy to quickly slip and slide into effboi uniformity. #TheNewRules from Topman lay the foundations for changeups and endless style possibilities. A quick breather allowed me to take those for a spin with the later realization that rather than being entirely new, the rules are, rather, fresh takes on time-honored classics.


Crop and Contrast

Style formal cropped trousers with skate shoes and sneakers for this season’s key silhouette.

The crop literally cuts the stiffness of structured pants short to reveal athletic casual with ribbed sports socks and rubbers.

Taupe cropped pants with colored socks and white canvas sneakers.

Tuck It In

Out is out. Whether it’s a sharp knit or a relaxed tee, make sure you tuck it in.

A little housekeeping can do wonders for anybody. This simple move instantly transforms the slouch to snazzy.

Distressed Tee, Striped Shirt, Chinos

Double Up

Layer denim on denim for SS17 — the credible way to wear everyone’s favorite fabric.

Different denim finishes, fades and treatments add layers to the look but same fabrics also make a difference.

Denim jacket over jeans.

Keep On Track

Mix tailoring with track tops for a contemporary take on smart.

Cotton track shirts, polyknits and lycra replace plain tees under blazers for the athletic in athleisure.

Taupe Slim Fit Suit with Canary Track Jacket

Layer Game

Upgrade your shirt by layering a hoodie, sweat or long sleeved tee underneath.

Or a jacket over it. Plus another jacket. HO-HO when appropriate.

Floral Bomber over Muscle Tee with Slim Chinos, all under a rain jacket.

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