Tattoo design on your mind - Weekend

Tattoo design on your mind

Text: Deneb R. Batucan
Images: Contributed

TATTOOS are statement pieces that never fail to start a conversation. Trends come and go, but there are some designs that are here to stay and have inspired so many hybrid designs for decades. If you’re looking to get inked, here are designs to consider:

1. Geometric

Geometric tattoo of a Mandala by Joeman Abad

These designs make use of complex shapes that involve repetition to create a large design. Geometric tattoos are often black and gray, but sometimes artists incorporate color and also pointillism or dot work. These tattoos bring out a 3D effect on the skin from the shades and shapes used to create the design.

2. Japanese

Japanese art tattoo by Ralph San Ramon
Japanese art tattoo by Carlo Gabiana

One of the most sacred of tattoo arts, these designs cover large areas of the body such as the arm, leg or back. Fitting into ancient traditions, Japanese tattoos follow strict artistic rules from positioning, color, direction, imagery and many more. Types of Japanese tattoos are cherry blossoms, koi fish, lotus flowers, dragons, geishas and among others.

3. Tribal

Tribal tattoo by Ralph San Ramon

This is the oldest tattoo style, dating from ancient times. Symmetry is key in this design, which also uses geometric shapes. Most artistsmake a design that would complement the shape of the body and always with delicate detail and precision.

4. Realism

Realism tattoo by Joeman Abad
Realism tattoo by Ann Savage
Realism tattoo by Joe Black

Like the name suggests, these are tattoos that require fine art skills and often look like photographs on skin. From portraits to plants and all kinds of living things, these tattoos need serious abilities and dedication to perfect.

5. New School

New School tattoo by Ann Savage

These are cartoon-like designs that trace their influences from graffiti and hip-hop styles — bright colors, and exaggerated dimensions and features. Most designs use pop culture icons and animals.

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