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Ichiban means number one

3Alexis Yap

THE third leg of Spread, SM Seaside City Cebu’s series of food exhibitions happened a few Sundays back and as usual, it was a mind-blowing food extravaganza that excited and filled up the tummies of the live audience at the Mountain Wing Atrium of the city’s leading premiere mall.

This leg included Shabu-Shabu Ichiban, whose interesting and very informative cooking demo was made extra special by Keiko Ann Sato, marketing officer of Fredley Food and Beverages, Inc., owners of the restaurant.

With 24 soup bases to choose from and a wide array of ingredients included in three different sets, this shabu-shabu not only boasts of their obsession with food quality but also in being the only restaurant to bring real, honest-to-goodness, all-you-can-eat king crab legs!

Their SM Seaside restaurant is proudly the biggest and most beautifully furnished outlet, beating the ones in Manila and even in Japan! But don’t be fooled by its lavish and well-designed interiors. Their sets start at only P488 per head. IKR?

With so much good food on the table, you’ll be so overwhelmed you won’t know where to start. Well, if you ask me, a great meal always starts with great company. So bring the entire family, the barkada, or the entire office! After all, ichiban means number one and this shabu-shabu – with its good food, pretty interiors, and value-for-money – just might be! You be the judge.

Personal Soup (available at some tables), Assorted Meatballs (11 varieties), Tofu, Udon, and Eggs
Edamame and King Crab Legs

Shabu-Shabu Ichiban is located at the 3rd level, Sky Park of SM Seaside City Cebu and they are open the entire day (no afternoon breaks), everyday.

(*(I know, right?)

How to “Shabu-Shabu” the Ichiban way:

1. Choose your drink. Their best seller is the Strawberry Red Iced Tea.

2. Choose your soup. There are 24 soup bases to choose from. My favorite is the Soy Milk Sesame. Yum!

3. Choose your set. There are 3 sets to choose from. Set C is the one with the King Crab Legs!

4. Cook! Let soup come to a boil and start with ingredients that take longer to cook like: the chicken and pork dumplings and chicken leg quarter. Everything else can follow.

Vegetable Platter, US Angus Chuck Eye Roll, Boston Butt (Pork Shoulder), and US Beef Short Plate

5. Eat the meat! Use your chopsticks and dip the meat in the soup until cooked. Dip in a bowl of raw egg, then in any of their two signature dipping sauces (Ponzu and Gomadare), and enjoy with some delicious Japanese rice.

6. Ask for refills! It’s a convenient eat-all-you-can without having to get up from your seat. Eat more of your favorites.

With my co-host Ed Naron at the Spread food demo at SM Seaside City Cebu; with Keiko Ann Sato and James Baylon of Shabu-Shabu Ichiban. (Photo by Director Joey Alberto)

7. Make Ojiya! It’s easy. Towards the end of your meal, drop some cooked Japanese rice in the pot and stir until the rice is risotto-like.

8. Ask for your dessert!

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