Hanging rice and its possibilities


Lukay Couture

These two variations of lukay couture is a collab between Pasil’s finest hanging rice and palm leaves vendors and Madison Vilar and Deneb Batucan.

They wove the fresh yellow-green palm fronds, or lukay, into a mat-like material (left) that the model wore over a lukay wrap with a darker shade of green (below).

They then let the hair and makeup artists put on the model a festive headdress of green palm leaves with pinned empty puso on top.

Can you imagine the many other possibilities that can be fashioned out of the beloved puso, not just in traditional cuisine and fashion, but in other cultural, design and art fields as well?

But to truly appreciate the puso, it is best to know up close the intricacies and humble traditions behind the weaving of this much-loved indigenous product, one that can be called a true hand-made work of heart.

Images: Bob Lim
Model: Lady Jernae Marquez of Stacy’s Model Management
Hair and Makeup: Carlo Damolo and Jerwin Batastas
Stylist: Madison Vilar

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