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Expertise, safety, and privacy define UCMed’s hospital-based aesthetics center

Text: Deneb R. Batucan
Images: Allan Defensor

CEBU’S first hospital-based aesthetics center boasts of total privacy, utmost safety for patients and the best plastic surgeons in the whole country — all that and more are at the University of Cebu Medical Center’s Aesthetic and Reconstructive Center.

Being hospital based, safety is evident in every procedure. “We’re in a hospital setting, so if you need general anesthesia or you need the services of an anesthesiologist or a bigger OR (operating room), it’s so easy to transport them,” said Dr. Arlene Cala-or, one of the resident doctors at the clinic. “It’s safe for the patients and it gives the doctors peace of mind since you’re already in the hospital.”

With seven top-notch doctors who are board certified aesthetic plastic and general surgeons, those in need of aesthetic enhancements are assured they’re in safe and capable hands. UCMed gathered only the crème de la crème of doctors — two of whom are active members of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) and three are part of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

At UCMed, they only want to give their patients a great experience and high satisfaction in any kind of aesthetic and reconstructive service, putting a premium on patient’s security, privacy and comfort.

1. From the reception area, patients are greeted by a friendly and helpful nurse who would gladly answer all inquiries on the services, doctors and scheduling. The clinic is open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and surgery of all kinds can be done every day, depending on the doctor’s schedule. An ample waiting room is also available for families or friends of patients.

2. The patient would be received by a doctor for consultation and initial check-up. According to Dr. Arlene Cala-or (pictured above with patient), this is very important so as to know the patient’s medical background (allergies, diseases, etc.), which could avoid any untoward incidents in the operating room, as well as to know what exactly the patient wants in terms of aesthetic and reconstructive enhancement.

3. After the consultation, the doctor and patient would set a date for surgery. UCMed has top-of-the-line facilities for ambulatory surgeries as well as the best plastic surgeons in the country — no doubt that patients will be in safe and capable hands.

4. After the surgery, which ranges from one to three hours depending on the procedure, the patient is led to a quiet and relaxing recovery room and monitored by staff nurses. For utmost privacy, a separate exit door is situated just outside the recovery room, which would lead to an elevator exclusive for aesthetic and reconstructive patients. UCMed’s marketing director, Hazel Ypil, says they only want their patients to experience privacy, exclusivity and a great overall experience at their clinic.

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